Revuto Raises $1.7M to Build Subscription Payment Solution

This new service will make it easier to pay with crypto than ever before.

Revuto has gathered $1.7 million in funding from a private sale to blockchain investors.

Revuto is positioned to be the first dApp to launch on Cardano, and the startup will be giving its users control over online subscriptions and the ability to pay with cryptocurrency by harnessing the advantages presented by Cardano’s blockchain technology. 

This new service will make it easier to pay with crypto than ever before.

Users will be able to use Revuto to manage and pay for subscriptions such as Netflix and Disney+, and using Revuto means users won’t have to worry about being overcharged or stuck with services they don’t want ever again.

Revuto was able to achieve its pre-launch financial goals in less than a week with the help of BlackDragon VC and other investors who see the need and marketability for these services.

Giving users the independence to choose what subscriptions they pay for will provide a flexibility not yet seen in the subscription services market and will further empower users to have more control over their money. 

Changing the Way People Pay for Monthly Services

Imagine that you want to pay for your monthly Netflix subscription, but all you have is cash and a few cryptocurrencies you’ve been investing in. This is the situation facing many people who have gone bankless in recent years.

Millennials and Zoomers in this situation are successfully employed in the new digital economy, but the world they live in has not yet progressed to meet their financial needs. 

Revuto is helping bring together the digital age with the services run by traditional finance.

Running on Cardano’s blockchain technology, Revuto aims to take users and companies to the next level through further increasing payment options while eliminating the problems users face when signing up or canceling accounts.

Revuto also prevents users from falling into the trap of free trials that turn into recurring payments by ensuring its users have total control over how their money is spent. 

REVU Tokens to the Rescue

With Revuto, subscribers pay for services using REVU, Revuto’s native token. This allows users to personalize their subscriptions with a wide variety of vendors and spend only what they want to spend.

No longer will it be left up to chance if a free trial can be canceled in time. Everyone who uses Revuto can determine when and how they pay for subscriptions and most importantly what they are paying for by using REVU for those payments.

Revuto does away with free trial traps and provides users the opportunity to save money as well as increase their payment options.

Acting as a one-stop shop for dealing with subscription services, Revuto will protect tokens holders’ interests and also provide tools so that its users can:

  • Enable and disable subscriptions with one click 
  • Manage subscription charges as they occur
  • Subscribe and pay for goods and services using REVU tokens
  • Earn cashback

In addition, token holders have access to discounts, deals, and special services when they stake their REVU with Revuto. This means users can stock up on REVU tokens they want to use later to pay for services and save even more money by staking them. 

What Revuto Means for Empowering Consumers

With an ever-growing number of online services, it’s easy to wake up one morning to a deduction from some subscription you haven’t used in months.

Accessing Revuto’s decentralized platform does away with payment surprises while saving you money on the subscriptions you really want. 

Revuto gives its users the power and ease to control any of their subscriptions while taking advantage of the deals Revuto can offer.

With the $1.7M in recently acquired funds, getting ready to empower consumer choices will be Revuto’s number one priority as it prepares its upcoming dApp release.

Over one million people have already signed up for the chance to use Revuto in this pre-launch phase. 

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