Nexxo Unveils New Bounty Campaign and Pre-Sale Offer

Your chance to become a millionaire  – find out how to win!

Nexxo is the world’s first global, blockchain-powered platform for small businesses. As part of its push to further develop and strengthen its platform, Nexxo is offering a special limited time pre-sale of 3,000 Nexxo token as well as a unique bounty program for users.

Pre-sale offer and limited time bounty programs

Nexxo has unveiled a new bounty program, rewarding users and individuals with NEXXOs in a fresh campaign. In particular, individuals can win up to 10 million NEXXO tokens simply by creating a video.

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The video with the most likes and shares will be claimed as the winner at the duration of the campaign at the end of December, eligible for 10 million NEXXO Tokens. By extension, the second most liked and shared video will be awarded 5 million tokens, with the third-place video receiving 3 million tokens respectively.

In addition to the attractive bounty program, Nexxo is also offering a limited time pre-sale for all investors to help back its financial services platform. The sale will last until January 31st, which includes access to 3,000 Nexxo tokens (NEXXO), minimum.

How can I win millions of NEXXOs?

The rules for the contest are quite simple, and users need only outline the top three reasons why Nexxo is different than other projects. Moreover, videos should include a price prediction for NEXXOs by December 2019 as well as what you would do with your money if you become a millionaire from owning NEXXOs.

To be eligible for the contest you need to have a valid account and use only original content. Videos are encouraged to be at last 90 seconds in length in English only, also reflecting relevant industry topics and positively about the Nexxo project.

What is NEXXO?

At its core, Nexxo offers a wide range of services, targeting bank accounts with International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN), secure Point of Sale (POS) card acceptance systems, Payroll Systems, electronic billing systems as well as micro-lending financing solutions. These are all designed to help small businesses grow sales, cut costs, and improve the management of cash flow.

Furthermore, all Nexxo products and services are offered in partnership with local licensed banks and are in full compliance with local central banks. Nexxo also utilizes IBM Hyperledger blockchain technology to power its private and permissioned platform.

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