Nexxo Launches Game Changing Platform for Small Businesses

Nexxo's services suite caters to and empowers underserved and under-banked small businesses

New technology has created more efficient financial services models for consumers and opened new possibilities for banking innovation in financial services for under-banked and under-serviced small business. This is especially true over recent years in emerging markets such as the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam…etc.

Nexxo has charted a different course however, launching the world’s first platform powered exclusively by blockchain technology for small business. In doing so, its advanced services suite helps in a number of pain points, including the growth of sales, lowering costs, and improving cash flow management.

These capabilities such as bank accounts with International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN), secure Point of Sale (POS) card acceptance systems, Payroll Systems, electronic billing systems as well as micro-lending financing solutions to help small businesses grow sales, cut costs and improve the management of cash flow.

All Nexxo products and services are offered in partnership with local licensed banks and are in full compliance with local central banks. Nexxo also utilizes IBM Hyperledger blockchain technology to power its private and permissioned platform.

Nexxo empowering small businesses globally

Nexxo is ideally situated to address the demand across emerging markets. With the vast majority of growth localized to this demographic, harnessing newer and advanced technologies with regards to small businesses will be a true game changer.

“2019 is a key year for us, we plan to expand our blockchain platform and service under-banked and under-serviced small business in key emerging markets such as the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam,” explained Nebil Ben Aissa, Nexxo’s CEO.

As a further incentive, Nexxo ERC20 loyalty token are utilized to reward Nexxo small business enablers, whereby helping small businesses attract more loyal shoppers, to and track and redeem loyalty and reward points. The full details of Nexxo’s project can be accessed via the following link.

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