Making Their Mark: How CCI Traders is Expanding Their Reach

Uche Paragon, CCI Traders' Head of Business Development in Africa and Middle East explains all in his interview.

The forex industry has completely changed in 2020 with the outbreak of the coronavirus. With a wave of new traders entering the fold, several brokerages have stood out. This includes CCI Traders, which has been expanding its reach in Africa.

Finance Magnates spoke with Uche Paragon, CCI Traders’ Head of Business Development in Africa and Middle East for his in-depth perspective on the company and its goals.

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Can you tell me about the prestigious award you received at the African Financial Expo?

The African Financial expo is one of most recognized financial Expos in Africa. They have organized several expos in different countries of Africa including, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

We were happy when we got the nomination from the organizers during their 11th Edition of the expo. It was an open-vote award where traders gave their consent by voting based on their best interest.

CCI Traders has been in forefront of making sure that our traders all over the globe to get best trading experience.

We have one of the best trading platforms that is very unique and transparent with the fastest execution platform that any trader will always wish to trade with, both retail and institutional trader.

I think it was the reason why we won the award.

What makes CCI Traders unique relative to competitors in the industry?

Like, I have said, our platform is unique, it is very much technologically advanced and has more trading features for different traders.

Uche Paragon
Uche Paragon, Head of Business Development in Africa and Middle East, CCI Traders

Also, every trader is carried along, we relate with each trader as a family member. We make sure necessary assistance is given to any trader to make his or her trading very smooth.

You know as a trader and portfolio manager that has traded in the industry for years, I knew what any trader needs to have a successful trade.

There is no Forex without education, whether you focus on Forex, Commodities, or indices. You need to be put through especially in managing risk. So we make sure proper assistance is given.

Please tell me about your recent promotion as Head of Business Development in Africa and Middle East and how does this change your day-to-day functions?

Nothing really change much, I leverage on technology to make my job easier, working in progress to make sure all Necessary certification is done for smooth operation. I still conduct my own trading as well.

Is the Coronavirus affecting your business and how as CCI Traders managed to stay ahead of the curve?

(Smile) Now is our best time ever, you know, at home is the best time to trade right? This period has given many traders opportunity to focus on their trades more, they don’t miss trading opportunities these days.

Apart from so many instruments that came down which affected some long positions in the market, traders are not out of business unlike many other businesses.

Many people who wish to be Forex trader, but their works and other activities never allow them, now most of them are connected, and everything is going smoothly.

Looking ahead, what are some new developments or initiatives at CCI Traders in the second half of 2020 and beyond?

We have plan to launch more trading platforms this year to provide more trading experience for traders around the globe. Our business growth and expansion should be constant.

So many plans are in view which I may not tell you now because of time, but it all to the best interest of our traders. Maybe when you invite me some other time, I will give you more details.

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