Krypton Software Rolls Out New Innovative Platform, KryptonInvest

KryptonInvest is a user-friendly investment portal where traders can satisfy their crypto-trading needs

Krypton Software, a brand powered by TRADOLOGIC Group, has continued to be at the head of innovation, this time eying a release of a new product, KryptonInvest. After making inroads in the cryptocurrency space, the group’s latest launch will reflect a comprehensive investment platform where traders can buy, sell and withdraw cryptos.

Krypton Software has already addressed a growing crypto demand via the deployment of a stable API integration, culminating in the launch of its Crypto Feed back in June. Amidst an ever-expanding interest from its global client base, Krypton Software has continued its emphasis on the crypto sphere, this time with KryptonInvest and its innovative software.

What is KryptonInvest?

At its core, KryptonInvest operates as a fully cohesive and user-friendly investment portal where traders can engage in all manners of operations involving cryptos. This includes a fully-fledged exchange, in which individuals can buy, sell, or withdraw coins. Most importantly, the platform is seamlessly integrated with leading crypto exchanges, where the actual orders take place.

Catering to traders that are both novice and advanced, the intuitive software is also intended for investors who want access to streamlined purchasing of cryptocurrencies. Of interest is also the ability to hold onto these cryptos, as their price eventually increases in future – this is another area KryptonInvest sought to address.

Krypton Software has opted to roll out its new product at a time in which many other exchanges and platforms have been lacking in terms of key attributes for clients. Given the hassle of registration, KryptonInvest has sought to rectify this concern for investors, enabling easy and simplified registration and login flows.

As always, funding on these platforms can be a concern, given activations and authorizations from exchanges or other utilities. For this reason, KryptonInvest has focused on simple funding for all users, including designated integrations with a wide range of payment providers. This collectively enables users to deposit funds effortlessly, preventing against large lags or delays that can keep traders out of markets.

With robust crypto exchange integration, KryptonInvest also allows for customizable trading conditions and a powerful trading environment. This includes transparent integration with high liquidity, also controlling the price by adding custom spread and fees.

Advanced features for traders

The platform’s versatility is on full display for users, which checks off all requirements for traders of all experience levels. Advanced trading is also supported by an easy-to-use frontend, which was a key consideration for Krypton. The ability to effortlessly navigate through a platform was a top concern by Krypton Software, which explains its insistence to push for such a user-friendly interface.

In addition, KryptonInvest also supports an advanced backend, which allows risk managers to fully customize respective trading conditions. Real-time updates are also defining elements of the platform, also allowing for the live-monitoring of users’ profitability per account, with the ability to review profitability per asset.

Finally, Krypton Software is a fully responsive site, providing the best investment experience without the need of a mobile app.

Bolster your business with KryptonInvest

Make KryptonInvest a part of your business, bestowing a wide range of benefits for any and all operations. Backed by a devoted team, the platform also features a dedicated account manager along with 24/7 technical support. In order to help facilitate the overall familiarity and functionality of the platform, KryptonInvest is also supporting special training sessions.

With the growing risk of cyber security, KryptonInvest also harnesses a fully reliable and secure system, which is strengthened against all threats. Its interface and software is also fully-compliant with all current market regulations, making it a viable option amidst a dynamic regulatory field.

Michael Golod, CEO of TRADOLOGIC GROUP commented on the launch: “KryptonInvest is a constantly improving system, with regular monthly updates that allow it to be highly efficient. This is instrumental in maintaining stable integrations with various software providers. As such, users can expect consistent launches of new and enhanced features and upgrades as the platform continues to evolve.”

One-size fits all platform

KryptonInvest also represents a huge leap in terms of payments ecosystems. The platform constitutes complete API-integrated payment solutions, which is tailored to your needs. KryptonInvest already boasts over ninety existing integrations with payment providers globally.

This is not all however, as the interface also allows for customizable cashier function, including the possibility to integrate a third party one as well. Of note, the new product has the capabilities to quickly integrate countless more payment solutions as well, indicating this space and potential is only slated to expand in the coming months.

Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements are also paramount in today’s market. This is why KryptonInvest is a compact compliance platform for both end-users and agents. Consequently, users are able to upload documents directly to the platform in a modern and easy-to-use interface. Users can also take advantage of a flexible system, which allows different types of documents to be grouped.

Finally, KryptonInvest is fully synchronized with Tradologic’s CRM, allowing compliance agents to easily verify documents. With an all-in-one CRM, users will retain full control and high availability of their respective core trading business.

This also includes additional analyses and various enhancements to facilitate both operational efficiency and effectiveness. The availability of different built-in enhancements is also aimed at delivering a user friendly enterprise environment while adhering to the industry best practices.

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