ETHLend Makes Largest Splash to Date with Kogia Release: 1M LEND in Rewards

The ETHLend team has released the most feature rich decentralised lending application to date.

The most anticipated moment in the history of ETHLend has come true today. The ETHLend team is proud to announce that our 0.3 Alpha Kogia application is released today on the main Ethereum network!

ETHLend is a decentralised application, that allows the use of digital assets as collateral to receive other digital assets in a safe and secure manner with the use of Smart Contract technology. The first launch attracted an astonishing 15,000 ETH in lending volume within just a few months from the release.

The ETHLend team has been working hard over the past months to release the most feature rich decentralised lending application to date. The release will not merely open a new page for ETHLend, it writes a completely new story on decentralised applications and cryptocurrency lending.

The Kogia release introduces a completely new usage flow, whereas lenders and borrowers are both able to place loan requests or loan offers to each other in a classical peer-to-peer and open market fashion.

New user interface

The ETHLend team believes that the user experience is the key for mainstream adoption of decentralised applications. With Kogia, this release is the most easy to use interface to date, when it comes to decentralised blockchain applications. The team is confident that lowering the learning curve will yield in lending volume and reduce friction for the users to perform safe, secure and auditable loan transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Risk management

Risk management is taken to the next level. Due to institutional request, ETHLend speed up the release of the sophisticated collateral control that was initially planned to launch on Q2 2019, however we are deploying it now.

In other words, borrowers have full control on the collateral. A borrower can refill the collateral position or withdraw any excess collateral from the smart contracts in case of market movements. Lenders are also able to call the collateral when a borrower does not exercise these functions.

Combining the sophisticated collateral management with the future release of KYC implementation will satisfy all the requirements for institutional users to come on-board and utilize our application to the fullest.

Risk management tools are improved by introducing crowdlending. Even though lending is based on collateralised digital assets, lenders are now able to reduce their risk on a particular loan by funding loans partially. Hence, lenders are able to diversify their lending portfolio to multiple parts of loans.

Furthermore, with the new Kogia release, borrowers are able to borrow up to 75 percent loan-to-value ratio and up to 80 percent when LEND is used as a collateral. This way borrowers are able to utilize more liquidity from their token holdings.

Gamified credit profile

Fully Gamified Credit Profile (GCP) is used to build a decentralised reputation system. Hence, borrowers will be able to export this data to other financial applications. Such concept is a completely new chapter in decentralised credit scoring. GCP shall accrue to the users from the beginning of Kogia and these ERC-721 badges are released to the users during the Q2 of 2018.

“One of the most anticipated features of the new platform is zero-fee lending”

LEND to become lending blockchain currency

The ETHLend team is creating a completely new standard and allowing the LEND token to become the actual lending currency. This will enable the LEND token to grow into a dominant lending currency and be used as the medium of exchange for all lending transactions within the ETHLend platform. This utility model aims to focus on user growth and re-engagement for early adopters on the platform

Moreover, ETHLend deploys a completely new fee structure: Zero-fee lending can be activated when LEND is used as a medium of exchange and the reduction of fees by 50 percent when LEND is used as collateral.

This is a great incentive that provides organic demand for the lending currency and especially when the users are unlocking the liquidity of Ethereum, with this we aim to focus on user growth and re-engagement for early adopters on the platform.

Unlocking Ethereum

Users are able to pledge Ethereum to receive liquidity. This feature will open the option to unlock the liquidity of the 50 billion USD market capitalization of Ethereum. Amongst Ethereum, the users are able to use over 135 different tokens as collateral.

This is definitely big news for all Ethereum and tokens holders who are in need of liquidity but do not want to sell their current tokens. Other functions are: featured loan listings for borrowers and Premium feature for lenders, which means that Premium Lenders are able to fund loans one hour before standard lenders.

Special thanks to the ETHLend Community

It is fair to say that the new Kogia release is easiest to use and feature rich release by ETHLend so far. Not only deploying the roadmap features, the team additionally deployed many new features requested by the community.

The ETHLend team believes that fulfilling the wishes of the community is a key factor when it comes to blockchain development. The ETHLend team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners, users and community members for following our project and helping us to make the greatest decentralised application out there!

To celebrate the Kogia release, we are giving out 1 000 000 LEND tokens for the users of the platform whether you are placing your first loan request or loan offer with LEND currency. For each loan request that borrowers places with LEND currency that gets fully funded, ETHLend will award 100 LEND tokens.

Similarly, for each loan offer that lenders places with LEND currency and gets a borrower, ETHLend will award 100 LEND tokens. The user who collects the most LEND tokens as part of this Kogia launch reward program will get a personalized badge as “Kogia Superstar” from our Gamified Credit Profile and will also receive some ETHLend swag!


  • Minimum loan amount 0.1 ETH
  • Minimum monthly interest rate 3%
  • The competition is open from May 12th until June 30th 2018.
  • To be eligible loan must be fully funded

Note: ETHLend reserves the right to change the rules of the Kogia reward competition at any time and will disqualify any suspicious behavior.

What next?

  • Press here to access Kogia and start generating LEND rewards!
  • If you have old loans you can simply press the Previous versions tab and select Omura.
  • ETHLend continues to develop the upcoming Q2 milestones, especially with the Bitcoin lending integration. We will soon post special announcement on our approach to Bitcoin and altcoins to provide decentralised solution for our application users.

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Happy lending!

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