Fundiza Allowing Less-Experienced Traders to Join Their Platform

Fundiza opened up more trading opportunities for all types of investors, whether you are a beginner or professional.

The changes in the stock market have been so drastic during the last few months that brokers are broadening their horizons. Fundiza, an established and respected broker, finally decided to include a more diverse spectrum of traders into their platform.

What does this mean? Well, now you don’t have to deposit huge amounts of money to be able to become a part of their trading family. Fundiza opened up more trading opportunities for all types of investors, whether you are a beginner or professional.

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Why is this good news? Because Fundiza is very well respected among their peers, despite being relatively young on the market. Fundiza was established in 2019.

Moreover, it is registered at Victoria Park Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Kingstown P.O. Box 4457. Their registration number is 25770BC2020.

What are some of their perks? Firstly, they provide multi-level SSL encryptions for fund security. Fundiza works with affiliate financial institutions that provide extra security to clients’ funds.

No one can hack into your account, the brokerage’s server, or go anywhere near the money the company is holding.

Secondly, they provide instant market access. With the market being available 24/5, Fundiza decided to create no restrictions as to where, how, and when you want to trade.

It is solely up to you, and they will help you along the process as much as they can. Fundiza provides customer service that is available for all trading hours.

So if you need help, you can easily give them a call, send an email or a message.

Thirdly, Fundiza provides its traders with cross-asset trading. You will be able to trade forex, spot, indices, and so on. Before their recent transformation, this perk was only available to VIP members.

Now, anyone can cross-asset trade on the platform, which is a huge advantage for every trader. They provide access to a flexible leverage as well, of up to 1:400 for select assets.

Lastly, their clear fees are the main advantage. Fundiza wants to make sure that you know they are not trying to steal from you.

They tell you exactly what the fees are without changing it as it pleases them. You know exactly what you are paying for and when.

With these clear-cut fees every trader feels more secure and comfortable with a broker they can trust.

Now that we have discussed their perks, lets discuss the new developments in their trading. As we mentioned before, Fundiza only accepted high stake deposits on their accounts.

However, now they offer a total of 6 accounts, allowing rookie traders to participate in trading.

The lowest tier account is, as the name suggests, for rookies. Rookie requires a $5k deposit. This seems to be the average minimum deposit for large brokerages.

The least experienced traders can use this low tier account to learn trading independently or with their account manager and financial advisor.

Basic is one tier higher than Rookie, and offers a minimum deposit of $25k. The Basic account offers almost every asset available on the platform, together with the market analysis. This market analysis will come in handy when trading.

Premier is already a higher tier account, with a minimum deposit of $25k. This package includes the market analysis and economic news.

Furthermore, Elite is another type of an account with a minimum deposit of $100,000. This is a serious trading account only recommended to professionals or experienced investors.

Elite Plus offers a huge difference in profits compared to the rest of the accounts. The $250k deposit will allow you to make much larger moves on the market and create a lot of profit.

The gains appear whether the market is falling or rising. Additionally, your financial advisor will be sure to let you know what the best move is for the trade.

The highest tier is VIP, which was the main account type on Fundiza before their expansion. The minimum deposit is a whopping $1,000,000.

This sum of money needs a lot of management and that’s where all of your financial advisors and account managers come in. The company is used to taking care of clients of this tier. Thus, your money will be in safe hands.

We discussed all the perks and benefits of this broker, as well as their expansion and development. We are glad to see Fundiza open their doors to a broad variety of investors, starting from rookies, shifting to more advanced and ending with experts.

If you want to make the most money though, make sure you pick the right account for your cash flow – the more you want, the more you deposit, and the more you get.

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