From Metals to Crypto and Further: Investors are Eyeing Asia Broadband

Meet a new safe haven for investors across the globe.

The global pandemic and the economic disasters that followed have thrown investors into a dilemma like no other.

With stock prices of companies crumbling and economies doing a pitch fall, investors were forced to ditch the familiar and look around for investment opportunities that were not just safe but also uniquely positioned for growth.

Like the calm with the storm, Nevada-based company Asia Broadband presented a solitary investment opportunity with its prolific work in the mining and crypto industries.

Founded in 1996, Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB) is a world-renowned resource company involved in producing, supplying, and selling precious metals across Asian Countries.

Being US-listed, it always delivered value to its shareholders through a vertical integration approach to its supply chain.

Laying a Strong Foundation in Mining

AABB found a capitalization opportunity in the Asian markets where the demand for precious metals is high.

Through its strategic growth approach, geographic expertise, and substantial industry contacts, the company managed to connect the rich mineral resources of Mexico with clients in the Asian markets.

Now, even 26 years down the lane, AABB is one of the leading names in the commodities market, both in Mexico and Asia, and it continues to push the horizons to expand its reach around the globe.

In 2020, the company hit an annual gross profit of $16.8M, and it also started off 2021 on the right note with $100M in assets in the first quarter.

All this growth took AABB to a unique financial position where it could fund its future course of development.

Towards the end of 2020, the company sold its mining operations in Guerrero Gold Belt (GGB), Mexico for $82M, further establishing the company’s leadership in the industry.

In the first quarter of 2021, the company shifted its focus on acquiring new mining sites across Mexico to expand its reach.

The first of its acquisitions include a high potential mining site in Colima.

The company has allocated $10M for the initial development of this site and aims to replicate its successful GGB mining operations in Colima.

In April 2021, Asia Broadband also signed LOIs (letters of intent) to acquire another highly valuable multiple mine property in Nayarit.

AABB is a company that has its fundamentals sorted and is working every day to solidify its base in the mining industry.

It has a dedicated army of retail investors that are only expected to grow in the coming days.

Riding the Crypto Wave

To say that 2021 was a busy year for AABB would be an understatement.

Amidst all the acquisitions and achievements in the mining industry, the company took its big plunge into the world of crypto. In March 2021, the company unveiled its gold-backed crypto token AABB Gold (AABBG).

AABBG is not your average cryptocurrency.

Its price is pegged to the spot price of gold, giving it the unique ability to benefit from rises in both crypto and gold markets.

Along with this, being pegged to gold significantly eliminates its volatility and gives a sense of stability to its investors.

AABBG’s hybrid characteristics make it uniquely positioned to attract investors who have long been wanting to venture into the crypto world but were deterred by the volatility in this market.

This is further established by the fact that more than $1M AABBG tokens were sold within the first two weeks of launch.

Apart from this, the company is also building a proprietary crypto exchange and crypto wallet that are due for launch in the next couple of months.

The Salvadorean Connection

Asia Broadband is not the type of company to miss an opportunity when it sees it.

When El Salvador recently passed a bill adopting Bitcoin as its legal tender, Asia Broadband recognized an opportunity for expansion in Central America.

70% of Salvadoreans still do not own a bank account and crypto presents an opportunity to offer all financial services to them with just a smartphone.

Capitalizing on this opportunity, Asia Broadband has devised plans to target Salvadorean retailers who could potentially use AABBG to receive and process payments from across the globe.

Between this and setting up a satellite office, Asia Broadband has poised itself for AABBG adoption and success in Central America.

Investor’s Safe Haven?

In the wake of the global pandemic, we’ve seen markets and economies across the globe plunging to rock bottom.

Inflation has been on the rise and investors had to take a step back to see what really survives the test of time.

Turns out that while everything else was taking a hit, gold, and crypto rallied in the opposite direction and stood the test of time.

Already a leader in the mining and supply industry, Asia Broadband with its recent foray into crypto and expansion plans in Central America is positioned to be a safe haven for investors across the globe.

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