First Look: X Open Hub’s New Platform Release

The new multi-asset platform provides full access to investment portfolios as well as the optimal trading management

X Open Hub has introduced a brand-new online trading platform, built with the newest HTML5 technology. The platform has been developed to support the standards of all popular browsers and has been extensively redesigned. The mobile trading app – xMobile – has also been profoundly improved.

Saying goodbye to FLASH

The new multi-asset platform provides full access to investment portfolios as well as the optimal trading management. The platform has a very clear layout with broad possibilities for personalization.

From within the platform, investors can also follow the events and economic data that are most important and that have an impact on the market – both in text form and in the form of up-to-date audio comments. 

“For several years X Open Hub has consistently focused on the development of trading technologies that support effective investment. The decision to change the platform technology resulted from a general trend in the migration from Flash to HTML5. Flash has many limitations and, significantly, also requires a proper plug-in for the trading platform to operate correctly. In addition, it is worth mentioning that many browsers have stopped supporting Flash,” explained, Marketing Specialist Sylwester Jezierski.

X Open Hub’s CEO Michael Copiuk will be speaking about brokerage prospects at the upcoming London Summit 2018 this November. More information can be found regarding his panel discussion as well as other FX workshops via the following link.

London summit 2018


What’s new on the platform?

Several new and very useful functions have been introduced. Investors will be able to check their investment statistics, and as a result, determine the effectiveness of their trades. This function will largely replace the investor’s journal and the traders will be able to learn which of their investment moves should be continued and which should be concluded.

Another new feature is the Market Sentiment function, which allows the investor to check which FX pairs or companies are strongest and which are weakest at any given moment and helps them to determine a given asset’s trend.

Users of XOH Trader will also have access to a trader’s calculator, which automatically converts parameters such as pip value, required margin, the value of spread, and swaps; to help them to make more informed investment decisions.

One of the most interesting new tools is the Stock Scanner, which allows the investor to search for companies that conform to a set of selected parameters. As a result, the investor can save a lot of time by setting the required level of the indicators – for example, price/profit, capitalization, or dividend – and choose the companies that have the best growth prospects.

The XOH Trader platform allows the investor to trade and manage his investment decisions directly from the chart. Without the need to enter a separate order window, the investor may enter into a trade with immediate execution and place Stop Loss and Take Profit orders.

The New White Label Creator

X Open Hub also introduces a new back-end panel with an easy-to-use interface. New, branded White Label accounts can be quickly created in just a few steps.

The WL Creator allows the platform to be personalized, as well as installation packages to be downloaded and installed. There is a list of myriad options available:

  • Full personalization and full branding of the platform.
  • Setting of default layouts, colors, and languages.
  • Adjusting the default set of tabs within the platform.
  • Adding training videos for investors.
  • Adding your own RSS news channel and integrating your own chat services.
  • Changing the domain name.

Improved xServer

X Open Hub continues to bolster its institutional business, providing multi-asset liquidity to a growing number of banks, brokers, and other smaller white label brokers. Putting the focus on the quality and speed of executions has resulted in improved performance, which allows company to offer deeper and enhanced liquidity solutions minimize order delays and slippages and lower transaction costs.

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