FBS Broker Updates Its Trading Platform for Excellent Performance

FBS makes its platform better every day for active trading on the go. Excellent performance from a regulated broker.

FBS broker has released a new version of FBS Trader, the all-in-one trading platform. This multi-asset mobile solution is oriented at active trading on the go.

This time several important innovations were added to make the platform easier to maintain and add comfort to the trading process.

FBS Trader: developing for the better every day

Improvements in FBS Trader mostly concentrate on the interface design, charting, and information about instruments.

They added to the features that FBS Trader got throughout the past months: more than 30 new instruments, sorting options and categories for the instruments, new design of trading dashboard, and more.

FBS broker takes great care of its trading platform and other products. In particular, the broker contributed to enhancing security and protecting its traders’ data. Also, FBS changed the working hours of the Financial Department.

Now it works 24/7, allowing traders to deposit and withdraw easily anytime. And, finally, FBS added more payment methods, giving its clients more than 200 ways to deposit and withdraw their funds.

What is new in the trading platform

One of the main goals was to improve FBS Trader’s interface to make trading easier. FBS proper research has shown the following updates can make trading more convenient for clients:

  1. Big chart stretched across the screen

The orientation of the chart (vertical or horizontal) is mostly a matter of taste. But FBS Trader developers noticed that it takes traders time to rotate their phones to have a better look at the chart. That is why FBS Trader now has a big chart stretched vertically, almost full-screen. It gives a clear view of the market situation – and traders have no need to rotate their phones anymore.

  1. All details on the instrument in one place

When trading, users need to make decisions fast. By collecting everything in one place, FBS Trader makes it easier for traders to access the information they need. Every instrument’s page now contains fast access to the chart, instrument description and market details, and orders for this instrument.

  1. Easier orders management

Traders can access orders on the instrument’s page (orders for this specific instrument) or go to the Orders tab on the main screen of the application.

A few taps – and traders will see all the information about active, closed, or pending orders: type of order, profit, swaps, price, a time when trade was opened, and more.

FBS Trader is now organized more neatly: all in one place for easier navigation and saving trader’s time.

Mobile trading made easy

This is only a part of what FBS Trader gained to become more personalized and suited to a user’s trading style.

The application aims at concentrating everything a trader needs within easy reach. It is of no effort for a trader to enter an order in the shortest time, keeping with the market’s pace.

The current update meets the evolving needs of a trading community and helps to enjoy mobile trading more.

More about FBS Trader and FBS broker

FBS Trader is a product of FBS – an internationally acknowledged and regulated broker operating in many countries. FBS broker is regulated by IFSC, license IFSC/000102/198; the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 331/17; and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission – AFS, license number 426 359.

To protect the investments of its clients, FBS uses the most advanced technologies, proving its reliability for more than 12 years. 16 000 000 clients already enjoy FBS trading services of the highest quality, including FBS Trader – an all-in-one trading platform for mobile devices.

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