Exclusive Capital Introduces Fractional Stock Trading

The unique offering helps firms increase and diversify their offering to investors within an ever-changing market.

Exclusive Capital, a regulated financial services and investment firm has announced a new product offering, fractional stocks as part of its renowned prime brokerage services.

The additional offering of fractional stocks to financial institutions has been a significant game changer, within the industry. This unique offering helps firms increase and diversify their offering to investors within an ever-changing market.

Despite massive gains in accessibility in recent years, many traders still see investing as an elitist world where the only people who stand to gain are those who already have extensive assets to play with.

Chief Sales Officer, Peter Leonidou
Peter Leonidou, Chief Sales Officer, Exclusive Capital

Chief Sales Officer, Peter Leonidou: “We believe in offering unique services and tools to our clients and partners that will give them a competitive edge within the market. With our distinctive offering of fractional stocks, we enable our partners and clients to gain that ever-important competitive edge.”

Exclusive Capital’s innovative fractional stock offering allows investors to buy and access stocks of more than 5,000 companies worldwide. These include some of the most desirable and large-cap stocks in the world, such as Tesla, Apple, Bank of America, Porsche, L’Oreal, BNP Paribas, and many more.

This will help individuals benefit from the stock market while also increasing and diversifying their overall trading strategies and portfolios for a safer, smarter investing future.

George Hadjinicodemou, Chief Product Officer, Exclusive Capital

Chief Product Officer, George Hadjinicodemou: “The fractional shares offering is the latest in a long line of innovations by Exclusive Capital, all designed to help more people realize the benefits of investment and effectively work towards achieving sustainable growth. We are excited to welcome a new generation of investors into the dynamic and highly fulfilling world of financial markets.”

About Exclusive Capital

Exclusive Capital offers a diverse range of services to help clients invest, manage, and grow their wealth with confidence. The firm leverages the latest technology to offer world-class asset management, multi-asset trading, liquidity services and so much more.

Exclusive Capital aims to empower more people to achieve their investment goals through sustainable growth.

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