Cryptopay – Send, Exchange and Use Your Bitcoins in Daily Life

Delayed transfers and limited availability for cryptocurrency payments are a thing of the past

One of the biggest obstacles of using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your day-to-day e-commerce needs are the high commission costs. Additionally, users have to incur delayed transfers and a clearly limited pool of venues and locations where it’s possible to pay for physical goods or services with cryptographic tokens.

Founded in October of 2013, Crytopay Ltd’s wallet and prepaid cards are trying to find solutions to solve this widespread issue, offering a platform where merchants and consumers can make transactions in a fast and secure manner.

Finance Magnates decided to take a closer look and review the newest mobile app prepared for Android devices, by the UK-based company lead by George Basiladze and Dmitry Gunyashov. Users looking for solutions to convert Bitcoins (BTC) to US dollars (USD), euros (EUR) or British pounds (GBP) and use pre-paid crypto cards during the daily payments would be well served to familiarize themselves with the review below.

Thanks to the Cryptopay app, users can convert their money (from BTC to USD, EUR and GBP, or vice versa), order and top up their debit cards, send Bitcoins in easy and secure manner, and use cryptocurrencies wherever they want to.

From iOS to Android – meet the newest Crytopay app

Until November 2017, the CryptoPay app was available only for iPhone and iPad users. Consumers using Android-based devices had to use web browser solutions, which did not provide free-flowing mobile experiences. However, after months of work, the development team behind the project was able to announce the debut of the new mobile app in Google Play store.

Commenting on the newest offering update, George Basiladze, CryptoPay’s co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said he is confident that, “Bitcoin grows in popularity each day, and with that comes the demand for holders to be able to use them in a convenient way. Cryptopay has been enabling users around the world to seamlessly and efficiently manage and spend their bitcoins, so of course, we want our service available to all users on the go, not just to those who have iPhones.”

Currently, Cryptopay has around 450,000 users and 87,000 issued prepaid cards, taking an important position between the cryptocurrency wallets and debit cards provider in the European Union.

Buy, convert, add debit cards and use in daily payments

One of the most effective and objective ways to judge the features and functionality of Crytopay mobile application is to go through all the important steps, from the moment of its installation to familiarizing with all available tools.

After downloading the free app from Google Play and creating the account, the user is welcomed by personal Account screen showing the current balance of BTC, EUR, GBP, and USD wallets. To deposit funds, users are asked to provide some additional information and verify their registration – it is a condition necessary to obtain full access to Cryptopay features.

Currently, the application itself does not enable to directly purchase Bitcoins, however buying can be done via official website (the login and password stay the same). After depositing Bitcoin or fiat currencies, it is possible to order a debit card – a plastic one, which should be ideal for ATM withdrawals and offline and virtual shopping for online shopping and account verification.

Under the “Transfers” tab it is possible to exchange deposited funds in the real-time from BTC to fiat and vice versa. Cryptopay also allows to send cryptocurrency funds to another Bitcoin address (by scanning QR codes) or to transfer EUR, GBP, and USD directly.

Thanks to the Cryptopay app features, the whole process of sending Bitcoins has become really easy. You only need to scan the QR-code with your smartphone’s camera, choose the needed amount and tap to confirm the payment.

If the user needs extended support it can use live chat available inside the mobile app (under the “Others” tab). Additionally, the tab offers a short tutorial, FAQ, and detailed info about CryptoPay company and its services. Taking care of extended security, CryptoPay supports a two-factor authentication, PIN-code and Touch ID verifications methods. In effect, executed transactions stay private and secure.

Gift Cards and loans amongst the newest functionalities

The Cryptopay development team is currently working on adding two new features to the current build of the mobile app, which are available through the official website – Gift Cards and Loans. The company cooperates with seven different retailers giving you an opportunity to buy a gift card for any loved ones using cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to the crypto-loans option, it allows users to utilize Bitcoin as collateral and obtain an instant loan in fiat currencies (GBP, EUR, USD), interest-free. One’s credit score is not required, payments are made instantly, and it is possible to get financing up to 65 percent of the current BTC rate.

According to the company’s official website, the development team is constantly waiting for additional feedback and ideas, as well as how to make the current version of the app better. If you are looking for fast and intuitive Bitcoin wallet and debit card, then you should check Cryptopay’s offering.

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