Cryptopay Launches Live Ripple Purchasing as Demand Grows

Cryptopay offers competitive limits for Ripple purchasing, which can be made via fiat currencies

Cryptocurrency trading continues to grow well beyond just Bitcoin. The past year has seen the rise of popularity amongst many other large cap cryptos, including Ripple. Currently, Ripple boasts the third largest market cap, focusing on cross-border payments and remittances. Its importance in the crypto trading industry cannot be understated, which explains its support on an increasing number of exchanges in 2018.

While not actually based on blockchain technology, Ripple could ultimately stand to become the most disruptive of most cryptos, given its importance to the international payments space. As a competitor to SWIFT, its network could one day make the international payment protocol obsolete – leading many to see strong potential in it.

Cryptopay welcomes Ripple to crypto suite

Given its rise in market cap and importance it comes as no surprise that Cryptopay is once again expanding its support of cryptocurrencies on offer. Already in 2018, Cryptopay has greatly expanded its crypto purchasing measures, including Bitcoin and Litecoin options. This includes some of the most competitive pricing on the market, on par with other traditional payments networks such as PayPal.

Cryptopay’s recent support of Ripple however represents a new development altogether, as the support of a new large-cap crypto presents many new possibilities for users. Cryptopay also allows for the ability to link both normal credit and debit cards, a major benefit for users.

Competitive limits and fees

With Cryptopay, users no longer are forced to deal with days of lengthy wait times via third-party payment gateways and questionable transactions. In addition, Cryptopay also offers competitive limits for Ripple purchasing, which can be made through traditional fiat currencies such as the Euro, British pound, and the US dollar.

Prospective users can learn more about Cryptopay’s scalable limits, starting at €1000 daily, and €5000 monthly. Perhaps most importantly, Cryptopay’s exchange service is fast, meaning individuals can keep up with the rapid pace of crypto markets. The group understands the importance of fast and instantaneous transactions. To stay ahead in a highly active and volatile crypto market, users need a service that can cater to their needs in real-time.

In terms of Ripple, Cryptopay’s new offering blends with Bitcoin and Litecoin and is also very beneficial for its growing user base. A diversified approach to cryptos has always been the preferred course with these instruments and purchasing Ripple is no longer a hassle for individuals.

Cryptopay understands the importance of transparent and fast crypto purchasing. Find out more about the its expanding services suite, including its prepaid card and versatile Bitcoin wallet.

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