CrowdWiz Charts Course Forward After Successful ICO

The innovative project is in its final stages of testing, providing a concrete plan for all token holders

After years of methodic growth, the cryptocurrency industry finally came into its own last year, exploding to record heights. Already in 2018 however, the ICO industry has risen over $6.3 billion in funding, more than all of 2017 combined. With a growing emphasis on transparency and regulated coin sales, the need for successful ICOs and projects has never been more important.

Indeed, 2017 spawned a new growth in the blockchain technology-adopting sector. The rise of this technology into the mainstream retail and institutional space is still ongoing, leading to the leveraging of blockchain across the industry.

With the rise of decentralized, and dedicated peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solutions and services, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out in a crowded field. One group that has had no trouble making its mark however has been CrowdWiz.

Standing out in the crowd

CrowdWiz is an innovative platform, with one simple goal – to liberate investing, whereby giving full control back in the hands of individual investors and cutting out third-party fund-management intermediaries. This has proven to be one of the main drivers of ICOs, though few projects have had much success until now in executing this.

Most forms of funding and traditional mechanisms such as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have been reserved for specific investors. By cutting off ordinary individuals via unique privileges and agreements, only a few have been able to take advantage of new offerings and projects.

This mentality has been extinguished with the founding of CrowdWiz. Its founding team is comprised of veterans from across the fintech industry. In total the brain trust of the project possesses vast experience in this space, helping make its ICO possible. Presently, the CrowdWiz platform is even in the final stages of testing, lending legitimacy to its project, goals, and future trajectory.

Setting a strong foundation for success

Unfortunately, the industry is littered with far too many unsuccessful ICO offerings over the past year. It is fair to say that regulations were slow to catch up with the rise of ICOs, leading to several episodes of abuse at worst, and a dearth of unprepared projects at best. Even in 2018, 46 percent of ICOs that were launched lack a credible business plan.

In such a volatile atmosphere it’s difficult to find an ICO or project you can trust. To date, this process has been facilitated by gaps in compliance that has only recently managed to lay a basic framework in governing the industry. CrowdWiz stands in direct contrast to the lingering uncertainty surrounding prjects, with a well-established team and plan in place for all token holders.

At its core, CrowdWiz operates as a game-changing platform, which offers unique investing concepts and trading possibilities. Participants Wiz Tokens form a unified ecosystem, one that successfully democratizes and liberates individual investing activity by bestowing investing power back to actual investing individuals.

CrowdWiz has successfully finalized its ICO project and presently is moving forward toward strengthening its platform development. In recent months, CrowdWiz has gained immense popularity, a testament to its founders’ vision, with the WIZ token now available to investors and traders listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Experienced investors see the enormous potential behind CrowdWiz – no more do account managers direct how individual investors allocate their capital! It’s all about the wisdom of the crowd! Interested individuals are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the project and its roadmap by accessing the following link.

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