Coinexx Bridging FX & Crypto Industry with ‘Digital Contracts’

Coinexx’s services suite measures up to any other brokerage in the industry.

In an increasingly competitive field its becoming harder to stand out in the retail services space. For Coinexx, this has not been an issue as it looks to make its mark with a diverse offering of instruments for a growing client base.

Boasting a robust platform that includes foreign exchange (FX) as well as access to the growing MT5 platform, commodities, global indices, and cryptocurrencies on offer, Coinexx’s services suite measures up to any other brokerage in the industry.

Coinexx takes this a step further however with its unique offering that helps address a number of common issues that the retail industry currently grapples. In particular, the group’s innovative digital contracts offering reflects its commitment to tight spreads and superior liquidity across a range of instruments on offer.

Being established by the team with more than a decade’s experience, Coinexx represents one of the more established venues in the retail segment. Over the span of its existence, the group has opted to better understand its clients, including the difficulties facing traders.

Introducing digital contracts by Coinexx

Nowhere is this more applicable than with regards to issues such as liquidity, high spreads, high commissions, and restrictions to various styles of trading. In light of these challenges, Coinexx has created a new product entirely, a digital contract.

A digital contract is created by pegging crypto against fiat and creating a cross product that offers thick liquidity. There is highly liquid market available for cryptos with respect to the fiat currency like BTCUSD, BTCEUR, BTCGBP, BTCAUD, and BTCJPY.

In particular, large funds, arbitragers, market makers and liquidity providers offer immense liquidity to explore the various arbitrage opportunities available of cryptos across various fiat currencies. For its part, Coinexx combines the liquidity available in cryptos against various fiat currencies to offer a cross instrument of two fiat currencies which technically results in the superior liquidity and much tighter spreads.

Coinexx, digital contract

At its core, a digital contract reflects a blend of sophisticated engineering and our expertise, to offer millions of traders a standard FX contract with superior execution and tightest spreads possible in industry.

In doing so, Coinexx’s clients can benefit from near zero to negative spreads, reduced trading costs, and more importantly ability to deposit & withdraw from a diverse basket of over 25 cryptos.

Experience across both the FX and crypto space

Coinexx boasts a strong leadership team comprised of blockchain enthusiasts who have more than fifteen years of collective experience in the capital markets space. As opposed to many other startup venues or emergent companies, Coinexx’s team looked to overcome many issues that have defined the FX industry, resolving these problems through democratization.

As such, its team built Coinexx to bring the two together and remove inefficiencies from the market place. It is this blend of expertise across both industries that has allowed Coinexx to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

Self-regulated entity

Coinexx itself abstains in any and all activities involving fiat currency or money transmission of any kind, and as such does not require regulation. Given the group only deals in cryptocurrencies and since noregulatory body presently governs the crypto space, it operates as a self-regulated entity, satisfying all regulatory requirements and compliances.

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