BAP Plus – the Ultimate Dealing and Back Office Solution in FX Market

In this article we will review in detail the main features of each of four modules of BAP Plus

BAP Plus, a powerful dealing desk and back office system is a collaborative project designed to help retail FX brokers become profitable while managing trading risks, reducing operating costs, and better serving the needs of their clients.

Financial Commission, an independent self-regulatory organization and external dispute resolution body has certified BAP Plus, which comprises of the next-generation Dealer Management System developed by BrokerPilot and Condor Back Office 2.0, developed by FDCTech, a proven solution for brokers offering the MT4 trading platform providing advanced reporting, analytics and management tools.

It is entirely web-based and mobile friendly making it possible for senior management to easily see the business happenings on the go and make real-time changes if required.

BAP Plus has four modules; a Dealer Management System also known as the Ultimate Automated Dealing Desk, an admin portal for brokers, client portal for traders, and an IB portal. In this article we will review in detail the main features of each module.

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Dealer Management System

The Dealer Management System is a full function automated dealing desk designed to ramp up PnL of all size brokers.  The system can be a single point of risk management collecting data from a single or multiple MT4/MT5 Servers allowing a firms Chief Dealer to manage everything which impacts the profitability of the firm via a single interface specifically designed for multiple operations.

This includes the following:

  • Leverage Changer
  • Detection of profitable accounts
  • Detection of run-up accounts
  • Detection of suspicious trading activity
  • Detection of high frequent trading
  • Detection of insider trading
  • Detection of “sharp” deals
  • Detection of wrong quotes, wrong series of quotes
  • Detection of quotes’ gaps
  • Detection of abnormal volatility
  • Detection of breakage of the quotation flow
  • Detection of trading on backlog trading
  • Detection of too many trading requests
  • Detection of breakage of the order execution flow

BAP Plus

Admin Portal

The admin portal is designed to meet the needs of business managers, operations, and sales teams with a complete set of advancedreporting and management tools to manage their businesses both in the office and on the go.

Some of the key features are:

  • High-level dashboard overviews of KPIs such as volume traded, deposits, withdrawals, PL, and revenue from fees; snapshots of most active traders; and most / least successful traders
  • Data can be divided clear between a book versus b-book or other segments
  • All cash related data such as PL and deposits is converted to a uniform currency for uniform analysis
  • Detailed and aggregate view of open positions with drill-down ability
  • A margin monitor displaying all clients with their settings, as well as balance, floating, equity and credit utilization.  This report can be set to change color, as well as to send SMS alerts or emails warning of potential risks, such as when predefined levels of credit or margin usage are crossed.
  • A report to detect scalping activity by highlighting success ratios and trade frequencies.
  • Historical records of daily end of day positions, swaps, and rates as well as audit trail for any changes in trades.
  • Advanced analytics and charting.
  • Cash transactions such as promotion adjustments can be done in bulk
  • Brokers can set up volume fees per million, as well as various methods of rebating IBs including split payments to multiple IBs.

BAP Plus

Client Portal

The client portal provides traders a convenient way monitor account activity while away from the trading terminal. Key features are:

  • KPI dashboard of their account including current balance, floating PL, equity, margin percentage, volume traded, fees paid, and cash transactions.
  • Net position monitor net positions or detailed list view of all trades.
  • Daily broker branded client statements are available both online and can be downloaded as a pdf file in an attractive and intuitive design.
  • Clients can easily make deposits using credit cards and other PSPs and to communicate with the broker for support questions.

IB portal

The IB Portal provides a referring agent an easy way to view rebates earned and to track client activity. The IB portal enables:

  • An IB to view his clients’ activity and the rebates earned.
  • If enabled by the broker, the IB can view client activity to help provide them support
  • Analytic reports highlight the pairs traded by clients, allowing an IB to provide additional resources on these pairs.


Future Plans

The Project Collaborators are constantly innovating and improving the Back Office to meet the needs of every individual client and ensure their optimal satisfaction. Current development plans include a Crypto Payment Gateway embedded in client portal, a proprietary trading GUI for large Volume Clients, additional risk management reports, and new client onboarding features. Project Collaboratorsalso provide custom projects tailored to specific needs of the broker at a very reasonable price.


If you’re looking for a feature-packed reporting system with a great team of developers ready to help support your business, BAP Plus may be a great fit.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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