5 Typical Investing Mistakes with Cryptocurrency You Should Avoid

It is crucial to know how to avoid the bad moves when you buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

In less than a decade, several crypto millionaires made fortune investing in digital assets, which is the case of Erik Finman, who began investing at age 12 in 2011 to become the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaire at age 18.

However, before knowing how to make the right moves in the crypto game, it is crucial to know how to avoid the bad moves when you buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

In this article, you will find out 5 typical investing mistakes with cryptocurrency everyone should avoid.

Mistake #1 – Not Identifying Your Investor Profile Before Starting to Put Money into the Game

In the world of crypto investments, the players who do not take time to identify their investor profile and strategize based on it are bound to lose. In layman’s terms, there are three main profiles that investors may identify with – conservative, moderate, and trader.

The conservative investor, also known as “hodler”, never wants to expose to risk. Typically, such a player’s strategy is mostly based on holding an asset he/she considers valuable based on a long-term appreciation plan that differs from the current cryptocurrency price.

Nowadays, most investors in the crypto industry are moderate, which are individuals who have different positions in their portfolios, a little bit of variety in terms of assets and that follow distinct strategies that involve both trading and hodling.

However, the individuals who make more money in the crypto industry are the traders. A trader is an individual who surfs on the crypto market fluctuations to profit on short-term operations.

Even though trading may sound attractive, it does involve plenty of risks and a large amount of knowledge to avoid losing money in unclever strategies.

Mistake #2 – Not Having a Clear and Thorough Plan

Not planning ahead is the worst thing a crypto enthusiast can do while investing/trading cryptocurrencies.

A decade ago, you would need only an average home computer to mine an amount of Bitcoin that would be a fortune today. However, nowadays the words competition and cryptocurrency are almost synonyms, which means profiting in the crypto market is not a newbie task.

You need to be strategic and establish clear goals before making any decisions. The chances of financial losses are even bigger when you do not know where you want to go. Hence, you must determine your goals, your desires and, only later, get into the crypto game and start profiting with digital assets.

Mistake #3 – Not Knowing What You Are Doing

Not having proper financial knowledge about the cryptocurrency market is one of the main mistakes people make when trying to invest in digital assets.

Currently, many people start investing in cryptocurrencies without having any solid knowledge or even a clue about basic concepts such as what a blockchain is, etc.

Often, some people just want to enter the crypto world because they think this is an easy way to earn money without much effort – which could not be further from reality.

Mistake #4 – Having No Patience to Deal with the Movements in the Crypto Market

Worldwide, each country’s fiat currency has a central bank to apply different measures to control and manipulate the value of money. Differently, cryptocurrencies have no central bank, no centralized control, or either an entity to control their direction.

Cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile, which is not necessarily a problem when you have strategies to profit over market fluctuations.

However, many individuals do not have the spirit to stand the wind of change, and eventually get discouraged or impatient when things do not go as expected. When you put money in the crypto game, you need to have the patience to deal with the market fluctuations.

Mistake #5 – Never Diversifying the Portfolio

Another common mistake when investing in cryptocurrencies is the lack of portfolio diversification.

When you concentrate capital on only one type of investment, you are increasing the risk of loss, because if any event disturbs the financial market, it will not be possible to recover the invested amount.

The best way to avoid this is to divide the money into different asset categories, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and other promising altcoins.

In this sense, there is plenty of options in the crypto market, but prospective investors need to analyze the opportunities according to their profile before taking any further action.


In this article, you learned the 5 typical mistakes you should avoid when investing in cryptocurrencies. Remember that it is essential to know your investor profile, have a plan in mind, and always seek more knowledge.

Plus, it is crucial to have the emotional intelligence to deal with unexpected movements in the crypto market and never put all your eggs in one basket, always diversifying the portfolio with different digital assets.

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