FX Demand on Kabu Slows Down in June

Trading volume with OTC FX instruments came down by 12 percent on a month-over-month basis.

Kabu, a major Japanese online brokerage, released its monthly trading metrics for June 2021. The figures show a monthly slump in foreign exchange (FX) trading demand, while activities with stocks picked up.

According to the reported numbers, monthly trading volume with over-the-counter (OTC) forex instruments for June came in at ¥37 trillion, declining more than 12 percent from the previous month. 

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The consistent fall in forex demand can be seen since the jump in volume in March when the platform reported a record ¥55 trillion in trading volume. But, the latest number remains higher than the market demand in January and February. June had 22 trading days which might have pushed the monthly demand a bit higher.

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However, comparing year-on-year depicts a different picture. Kabu reported only ¥28 trillion in FX trading volume in June 2020, meaning there has been a jump of over 32 percent in trading demand after a year.

While Kabu saw a monthly dip in FX demand, other platforms, both Japanese and international, reported the opposite. Click365, which is operated by the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX), witnessed an 11.6 percent rise in FX futures contracts trading volume, while FXSpotStream’s average daily volume increased by 3.7 percent.

Equities Demand Is Picking Up

Coming to equities, the monthly trading volume with stocks recovered to ¥25.5 trillion, which is up from the previous month’s ¥21 trillion. This demand was pushed by the 13,700 new accounts opened with the brokerage last month. Kabu ended June with a total of 1,305,947 securities accounts.

Furthermore, the Japanese brokerage posted that it ended last month with assets under custody worth ¥26 trillion and ¥2.5 trillion in credit balance.

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