Hotspot FX Announces Record Volumes For June 2013

The latest company to produce record volume figures for June is Hotspot FX. The firm set new corporate records for

In keeping with many other firms which experienced volume increases during the course of June, and the industry-wide postings of record volumes this year, Hotspot FX concluded June with a new Average Daily Volume (ADV) record of $37.0 billion.

According to the firm’s announcement upon release of the figures, the overall volumes traded enabled Hotspot FX to outpace its peers, not only during the month of June, but in the second quarter of 2013 in general, with an ADV for April, May and June combined of $33.3 billion.

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Hotspot FX continued to set new market share records relative to publicly reported spot FX venues (Hotspot FX, ICAP/EBS, Reuters), for which Hotspot FX accounted for 11.8% in June 2013 and 11.1% in Q2 2013.

June 2013 Statistics (Single Count, USD):

•Hotspot FX posted an ADV of $37.0 billion. (based on 20 trading days) – A New Record ◾ADV increased 9.7% versus May 2013. (May 2013 ADV: $33.7 billion)

◾ADV increased 18% versus June 2012. (June 2012 ADV: $31.3 billion)

•Total Volume: $739.0 billion

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Q2 2013 Statistics (Single Count, USD):

· Q2 2013 ADV of $33.3 billion. (based on 65 trading days) – A New Record
◾ADV increased 19.6% vs. Q1 2013. (Q4 2012 volume: $27.8 billion)
◾ADV increased 18.3% vs. Q2 2012. (Q2 2012 ADV: $28.1 billion)
•Total volume: $2,163.5 billion




For the month of June 2013, EUR/USD remained below 30% in market share (2nd consecutive month), while trading activity continued to strengthen in AUD/USD, NZD/USD and USD/MXN. Additionally, USD/MXN rejoined as 10th most active pair from 11th in May 2013. Notable movement also occurred in EUR/AUD which gained .32% to become 13th most active pair (17th in May 2013). Lastly, EUR/CAD rejoined the Top 20 listing, replacing USD/TRY which dropped out of the Top 20.


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