ASX’s April Volumes Incur Decline, Futures and Cash Markets Drop

With volatility down, the ASX saw its volumes wither across its cash markets and futures segments.

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has released its monthly activity report for April 2017, saw a slowed performance in the month prior in light of downward trending volatility – the group’s futures volumes led this decline, with cash markets also feeling a pinch.

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According to the latest monthly report, the value of ASX-listed stocks, as measured by the global All Ordinaries Index in April 2017, fell -20.0 percent month-over-month from March 2017 – this reading also corresponded to a slightly higher expected future volatility reading of 12.7 in April 2017, compared to 11.1 in March 2017.

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Diminishing volatility resulted in lower volumes across institutional and retail exchanges worldwide in April 2017, many of which have pared recent gains. In terms of the ASX’s stock value, during April 2017 the exchange was lower than most other regional exchanges and market blocs, especially when weighed against leaders such as Japan (1.5 percent), Germany (1.0 percent), Hong Kong (2.1 percent), and the US (0.9 percent).

Metrics Breakdown

Looking at market specifics in April 2017, the ASX notched an increase of capital, raising $5.1 billion in total during the month, from $4.1 in March 2017, or higher by 24.5 percent month-over-month. Compared to its 2016 counterpart however, the ASX saw this reading plunge over a year-over-year basis, falling -45.7 percent from $9.4 billion in April 2016.

The total value of cash markets for the ASX during April 2017 was $81.7 billion, down -29.4 percent month-over-month from $115.8 billion in March 2017. In addition to this declining figure, the ASX did report a negative change in its average daily value on-market, yielding a figure of $4.2 billion in April 2017, down -4.5 percent month-over-month from $4.4 billion in March 2017 – this was due to a differential in trading days (only 17 in April 2017).

The ASX also released its futures trading statistics during April 2017, showing a total of 9.0 million futures contracts traded during the month, or -48.6 percent lower month-over-month from 17.5 million contracts in March 2017. Average daily contracts were also trending lower at 501,470 in April 2017, vs. just 760,224 contracts in March 2017, down -34.0 percent month-over-month.

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