FX Industry Software Consultant Launches Free Bitcoin Price Feed For MT4

Software technology developer Timur Lapytoff has today announced the launch of his new company, plus a Bitcoin price feed for

Software engineer Timur Lapytoff ‘s career in development has taken a very distinctive course since his engineering internship at Intel Corporation’s Russian headquarters, after which he made the switch toward project management and embarked on programming projects for FX companies, designing and developing ancillary software for the electronic trading industry.

Timur Lapytoff, Director,
Timur Lapytoff Technology Lab

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Seven years since those inaugural stages in Mr. Latypoff’s career, he has today announced the launch of his new company, Timur Latypoff Technology Lab, which has developed and produced a free, open source Bitcoin price feed for MetaTrader 4, for which the source codes can be downloaded from public repositories.

Bitcoin Price Feed Arrives On MT4

According to Mr. Latypoff, the new company encompasses a small team of FX technology professionals, whose remit is to develop plugins and tools based around MetaTrader 4, as well as integrating ancillary software to other trading platforms.

The company provides a liquidity bridge, automated dealer and white label administrator which can be purchased as a full solution, including source codes in order to conduct in-house verification and development.

Mr. Lapytoff considers Bitcoin to be a significant part of the future, and has developed the price feed in order to take steps to assist Bitcoin in becoming a mainstream feature in the financial markets and electronic trading industry.

In explaining the form that this will take, Mr. Lapytoff made a corporate statement that “a free, open and quality price feed is the first of the four steps. Brokers can start offering BTC trading for demo accounts literally today.”

“By using one of automated dealing plugins available at the market such as ours, or from MetaQuotes, or from another vendor, they can offer low-volume BTC trading for real accounts within a couple of weeks,” explained Mr. Lapytoff.

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Open Source Becoming A Viable Option

Concurrent with certain other technology firms in the industry such as DevExperts, whose VP of FX Products, Stanislav Stolyar, explained at this year’s iFX EXPO in Cyprus to the delegates present at the Technology Panel, that “this business is all about customization.” Mr. Latypoff’s expressed his observations of recent industry requirements to Forex Magnates, favoring open-source solutions.

“I have been always noticing that the FX world is plagued with closed solutions that tie brokerages’ hands, exposing their businesses to unnecessary extra risk,” is Mr. Latypoff’s viewpoint.

“We suggest that products that cost their money should actually be open, not just be called open, and subject to constant innovation. Therefore this price feed is our first experience in offering a completely open solution to the public. We’d like to see how it goes.”

Ergonomically Simple MtGox Feed Installation To MT4

Mr. Latypoff explained to Forex Magnates today that considerable effort on his company’s part has been channeled into ensuring the simplicity of installation of the Bitcoin price feed into a broker’s existing MetaTrader 4 platform.

“In order to install, the broker just needs to create symbols they’d like to see ticking,such as BTCUSD, BTCEUR, BTCJPY, among others, and simply enable the feed. It requires zero configuration,” he stated.

When asked why the pricing from MtGox was chosen, Mr. Lapytoff explained that, “We chose MtGox as a source of prices because it is one of the largest and longest established Bitcoin exchanges in the world, plus its owners are well known, so it is going to continue operating no matter what. We have developed feeds for other exchanges as well, just for now we would like to focus our effort on the biggest and the most important.”


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