oneZero Releases G3 Advanced Bridging Platform

oneZero doesn’t release much PR but when it does it’s about the release of very interesting products. The latest one

oneZero doesn’t release much PR but when it does it’s about the release of very interesting products. The latest one is of a browser managed new bridging platform – G3. This is a major upgrade to its popular liquidity bridging software bringing institutional capabilities to the retail market participants.

We got a sneak preview of the platform:

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The G3 Platform framework, which was teased by oneZero at the Forex Magnates Summit, demonstrates that, at the top end, the MT4 Bridging market is beginning to approach an institutional level of quality and features. A recent trend in offerings from MT4 providers such as oneZero has made concepts previously only offered in Aggregation and ECN platforms available directly to the MetaTrader4 and Retail market.

The new oneZero Bridging Platform is managed entirely via a web browser. This allows brokers to monitor, configure and report on Bridging activities without having to access their server directly. A consistent gripe from brokers since the onset of the MT4 STP model, and thus the Bridging industry, is the difficulty in managing and monitoring the Bridging systems themselves, which often rely on cryptic flat files and direct server access. The oneZero GUI has an institutional feel, with the type of modern edge you’d expect to come from a Cambridge based tech company. Included in the platform is an expanded settings framework for spread management, multiple liquidity provider provisioning, STP reporting (PB reporting), and dynamic controls offering real-time changes to Bridge settings at runtime.

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When asked about the move towards a more institutional level offering, Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero Financial told Forex Magnates, “There are many brokers who started in the MT4 space because the platform is easy to deploy and popular among clients. As these brokers expanded their offering through good marketing and client service, some are now doing institutional class volumes.” He elaborates, “As volume increases for brokers, so does the complexity of managing an MT4 solution with multiple LPs, PB integrations, Back-office solutions, etc. All these tools must work together, and for a broker whose primary offering is MT4, the Bridge is at the center point of that integration. In addition to maturing start-up brokers looking for this type of functionality, we’re also seeing many larger firms who are transitioning their existing enterprise-level MT4 offering to STP, who need these institutional class features. These brokers just do not have the resources, or the time, to try to build it all in house.”

As MT4 Bridge solutions continue to expand, it’s likely that we will see even more functionality come from the likes of oneZero. They will certainly not be entering an unchallenged space. It seems almost weekly a new ECN, risk management or aggregation platform is coming to market. One advantage that Bridge providers bring to this space is their existing, proven integrations to MT4. It may not be the most reputable platform around but is inarguably the most popular amongst clients. Any solutions coming to market that don’t have a direct answer to the MT4 Bridge problem immediately miss a considerable share of market volumes and revenue due to the proven necessity of a quality MT4 integration. It will be quite interesting to see how the battle between incumbent institutional tech providers and the proven MT4 Bridge systems plays out over the coming years.

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About oneZero

Founded in February 2009, oneZero Financial Systems develops low-latency software systems for the foreign exchange, commodities, and futures markets. The oneZero MT4 Bridging solution is seen as a global leader for quality of execution, stability and performance. oneZero also offers an array of risk management and back-office utilities that allow any broker, from start-up to established global leader, to provide better quality service to their clients via robust, flexible technology solutions. For more information about oneZero, please email:

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