FSMA Flags 4 Suspicious Firms, Reminds Investors to be Careful

Among the entities, Ae Global Invest has been named.

Following a growing number of consumer reports, the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) of Belgium has yet again updated its warning list this Tuesday in order to protect residents.

According to the regulator, a number of consumers have approached the FSMA, stating that certain companies have been coming to them with a variety of offers that often promise returns much higher than market rates, with some even promising “guaranteed” returns.

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“The FSMA once again warns consumers against these, because often behind these tempting offers are scammers who are not authorized to make such offers, the sole aim of which is to steal your savings,” the watchdog said.

This Tuesday, the regulator reminded consumers that scams continue to operate in a similar matter. Victims are contacted by a salesperson who offers investment products, wealth management contracts, etc.

The nature of these products is that consumers need to give their money to the fraudsters, so they can “manage” their money. The most commonly used tactic to get money from unknowing victims is the promise or even guarantee of high returns.

“The concept, however, is too good to be true. In the end, despite the promises, the investors never recover their money!” the FSMA added.

FSMA flags Ae Global Invest

In addition to issuing the above reminder, the FSMA has also flagged four suspect companies that have been active in recent weeks. Out of the four, one offers foreign exchange (forex) trading, one offers fixed-income investment funds, one claims to be an asset management company, and the other’s website doesn’t appear to work.

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The four websites the regulator has blacklisted are:





The first on the list, Ae Global Invest, claims to be an investment company, offering customers the ability to trade forex, exchange-traded funds, fine wine, raw materials, a cattle ranch and more.

“The FSMA warns that these companies do not hold an authorization and are thus not permitted to offer investment services in Belgium. Moreover, it is very likely that these are cases of investment fraud, which means that in the end, the amounts invested are never reimbursed,” the watchdog warns.

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