20 People File Complaint with Thailand’s DSI Over FX Scam

The complainants allege that they have been scammed by a woman called Thanida Prompichai.

More than 20 people have filed a complaint with the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) in Thailand, stating they have become victims of a foreign exchange (forex) scam, costing them millions of baht, the local currency.

According to an article from the English-language Bangkok Post, the victims filed the complaints on Monday, alleging that a woman called Thanida Prompichai had scammed them.

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Thanida Prompichai promised investors solid returns

One of the victims was businesswoman Issaree Hemsirirat, who said that the fraudster claimed to be an experienced stock trader. Allegedly, Prompichai invited the businesswoman to invest in her forex business, promising solid returns such as a 1.24 percent daily dividend as well as free overseas trips.

Hemsirirat invested five million baht of her money in the business in June. To date, no dividends have been paid, according to the report. In fact, since investing, Hemsirirat has learned that Prompichai has been involved in a number of fraud cases.

Prompichai was involved in these cases in 2016 and has previously been arrested for issuing fake cheques. After transferring the money to the forex business, Hemsirirat learned that Prompichai was remanded in police custody. 

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The exact reason for Prompichai’s arrest is not known. The Bangkok Post suggests she was remanded for the fake check offense.

Hemsirirat was not the only victim of this FX scam in Thailand. Another complainant is Nawat Rojathanya-angkoon, who claimed he invested one million baht. In addition, his friends and relatives also invested a combined one million baht in the scheme. 

According to the complaint, Prompichai pretended to be a wealthy, high-flying stock trader and had a luxurious lifestyle. Rojathanya-angkoon met her through people in share-trading circles.

Hemsirirat, Rojathanya-angkoon and the other damaged parties took their complaints to the DSI. 

Unfortunately, scams within the FX industry are prevalent, and many scams, particularly in the crypto space, are increasingly targeting residents of Thailand.

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