Goldman Sachs Wannabes Flagged by CONSOB as Potential Scam

The Italian regulator also flagged a firm pretending to represent an FCA-approved company

It’s another day of life here on planet earth, and that means there’s going to be scammers out there in the ether attempting to steal money from poor, hard-working men and women from across the globe.

This Monday, it was CONSOB, the Italian regulator, that took to the world wide web to issue advice against trading with a number of different firms offering foreign exchange and cryptocurrency trading.

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The first is called First BTC FX. Along with a bitcoin-loving, MetaTrader-offering, get-rich-quick-marketing website, the firm also says that it is a subsidiary of a securities dealer called First Global UK.

As you can probably imagine, First BTC FX is not actually a subsidiary of First Global UK. Instead, the scammers running the website are using the dealer’s Companies House number to lend themselves a degree of sophistication.

Definitely not Goldman Sachs

Next, we have Goldman CFD which, though it says it is not trying to do so, is clearly attempting to imitate Goldman Sachs. The firm’s website is the classic scam setup.

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There is no contact number, no meaningful email address and no indication as to who is actually running the company. All we have is an address for some industrial site in Bulgaria’s sixth-largest city, Stara Zagora.

Last but not least, we have WinCapitalPro. A broker based in the Marshall Islands, a country widely known for its wonderful financial services industry, WinCapitalPro also runs the typical scam brokerage scheme.

Head to the “About Us” page, and you will find nothing about the people who run the brokerage. As our loyal readers will recall, the last time police unmasked a Marshall Islands-based broker they turned out to be a bunch of Ukrainians operating out of Kiev and a number of other cities in the Eastern European country.

Our advice – don’t trade with any of the above.


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