Tools for Brokers Upgrades Its PAMM Solution

The updated PAMM avoids server overload and execution latency as data is processed separately from the MT platform.

Tools for Brokers, a software developer for FX brokers, has revamped its PAMM solution, which creates an asset management system on the server for both MT4 and MT5 brokers.

The updated PAMM solution provides user-friendly portals for investors and brokerages, for comfortable configuration and no trading limitations for money managers. It avoids server overload and execution latency with increased trading volumes as data is processed and calculated in a database separate from the MetaTrader platform. This enables PAMM to operate beyond the platform’s technical capability, processing several times more trading operations than MetaTrader 4 could over the same time period

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The trading data can also be imported from multiple MetaTrader servers into a single PAMM database, which enables easy performance monitoring by money managers. It also includes increased functionality that could be easily integrated with existing CRM and back-office operations.

The PAMM technology, or Percent Allocation Management Module, has been a significant trading volume generator for retail brokers in traditional markets. It has been widely used by traders in the forex and mainstream markets, and with the recent hype around cryptocurrency, it has become relatively common to find managed accounts services available to users of Bitcoin and its likes.

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Benefits of PAMM products

The ability to attach multiple accounts to a master account which is managed ‎by a portfolio manager has been a familiar fixture within FX companies for ‎more than a decade. The value of this service derives from the possibility of ‎merging the knowledge and experience of money managers with the capital ‎of subscribers in order to attain mutually beneficial results‏.‏

Another advantage of the PAMM service is that it allows account holders to ‎easily send one batch order to liquidity providers, and one price is allocated ‎to all participants in real-time.‎

Established in 2009, Tools for Brokers provides software solutions to brokerage firms in the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency trading. The company is also a provider of risk management utilities such as a Broker Business Intelligence (BBI), which gives additional instruments for analysis and reporting across MT4/MT5 platforms.

Commenting on this, Alexey Kutsenko, CEO of Tools For Brokers, said: “Money managers can access all of MT4’s functionalities through the system. But, by offering access to real-time analytics in simple graphical displays and statistical breakdowns, PAMM significantly increases the efficiency of their work.

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