Tradesmarter launches a new white label partner – OptionFire

TradeSmarter Holdings, one of the largest forex binary options software providers, is launching another white label partner – this time

TradeSmarter Holdings, one of the largest forex binary options software providers, is launching another white label partner – this time its OptionFire in the UK.

Forex binary options is growing very rapidly lately and 2011 is certainly the year when this market broke into the mainstream. There are quite a few software providers and brokers already operating in this market and it seems that the low barriers to entry and the ease of setting up a forex binary brokerage attracts more new entrants. I suppose that by the end of this year this industry would be better shaped for us to analyze it.

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London, United Kingdom- announces its launch in the UK after partnering with the AIM listed FSA organization Merchant House Group. is an online platform specialising in regulated binary options.

Optionfire was founded by traders and brokers known for their experience in most of the major investment banks from all over Europe, America and Asia.

To celebrate the opening of’s office in the United Kingdom, it will be offering free one to one training plus a complimentary $30 risk free trade for every depositor or $150 risk free trade for VIP traders.

Richard Barham, the Head of Binary Options at Optionfire, believes that training and regulation are pivotal to the success of binary options traders. “A well trained binary options trader can achieve very serious levels of return on their investment” he said. Richard added “We recently saw a client turn $200 into $6800 in just two weeks of trading binary options. Our aim is to offer a complimentary one-to-one trading course to all of our Optionfire binary options clients.” binary options is a great vehicle for all levels of traders. Losses are capped at the original investment amount so there is no need to worry about margin calls or stop losses, plus there are no spreads or commissions. Price transparency is also part of the platform, with all prices being taken directly from the Reuters prices. The openness also benefits traders, who know exactly what prices they are trading at.

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For Barham, binary options should be considered an essential part of the trading tool kit of any trader. Traders can trade any market direction and can profit from both rising and falling markets. Thus binary options can be used for both hedging and for trading in their own right. When markets are flat, binary options allow traders more profit opportunities than for example forex, as the markets do not have to move by as much in order to create a profit for the binary options trader.

To profit with a forex trade, the trader has to get both the direction of the market correct and also hope that the market moves enough to make them a profit. With binary options, all the trader has to do is get the direction correct to make a profit.

“There really is practically no limit to the ways you can use binary options to limit your risk and make defined profits over the short term” says Barham.

Recently, Merchant House Group Plc, an AIM-listed financial services group announced its support and entered a Europe-wide agreement to promote and distribute

Merchant House Group will serve to provide the regulatory framework that will bring Optionfire to the United Kingdom and Europe. This will also aim to develop Optionfire as a leader in digital options trading throughout the UK and Europe. For users the added benefit of this level of involvement is that the UK operating arm of Optionfire is regulated the UKs Financial Services Authority (FSA)

This development will further lead to the acceptance in the UK binary options platform. The opening of Optionsfires UK office, right in the middle of the City of London serves as a signal of intent that binary options and are here to stay and ready to play on the major financial stages of the world.

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