Q4 2012 Forex Magnates Report Now Available – 160 Pages of Crucial Forex Information at Your Fingertips

The Forex Magnates Quarterly Report is out. It’s our biggest issue ever and we cover topics across the entire Forex

euros 150The Forex Magnates Quarterly Report is out. It’s our biggest issue ever and we cover topics across the entire Forex trading industry.

In addition to our popular quarterly volume report some of the other articles:

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Forex vs Binary Marketing: Thinking of launching a Forex or Binary Options brand? In this round table discussion with leading advertising executives, we take a look at the marketing aspects of each product. What are the costs like of Forex vs Binaries? Where are the highest Life Time Values abd Conversion Rates? What is an ideal marketing campaign budget for a startup? These questions and more are covered in the article.

Complex Event Processing (CEP): What is CEP and why is it important? In this article we answer those questions and take a look at how financial companies are using CEP to become more efficient and more competitive.

Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Germany Country Reports: Continuing our popular ‘Country reports’ segment, we cover Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Germany. The reports provide a historical background to Forex trading in each country, who the players are, trends for the future, and what are traders like.

ECN vs Relationship Based Liquidity: With so many options, sourcing liquidity has become a hot topic. In this report, we analyze the pros and cons of trading with ECNs and Single Dealer platforms. The article covers topics such as how many single banks to work with, types of ECNs, and integration.

London Summit Review: In this article we review the key points from each of our Forex panels from November’s London Summit. Panel discussions covered, financial trends, technology, liquidity, M&A, and regional updates.

Other articles include a look the role of Co-Location in the FX industry, the current state of affairs in Japan, a guide to setting up Payment Solutions, and Marketing with Twitter. For good measure, we also threw in a little about Bitcoin.

A complete list of Q4 Report Articles:

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Q4 2012 Forex Market Overview

Forex Magnates London Summit 2012

Media Forex Websites Traffic Survey: Q3 2012

  • Binary Options vs Forex Trading – Dollars & Sense
  • Currency Funds
  • Saudi Arabia – Opening up to Global Markets
  • Forex Portal Summaries of Six Leading Sites
  • Regulatory Roundup
  • Scalping & EAs – Healthy or Toxic Order Flow?
  • Regulations Result in Changing Market Conditions
  • FX Prime Brokerage
  • Polish Banks Set Eyes on FX Trading
  • Payment Solutions – Get Your Cash
  • Sourcing Liquidity: SDP vs MDP
  • Surviving and Thriving in Japan
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • FastMatch – Bridging the Gap
  • Germany Overview: Forex Follows CFD
  • Integral – A Network of Profits
  • Marketing with Twitter
  • Automated Client Engagement
  • Co-location – Squeeze! There’s Room for One More
  • Forex in Indonesia – What’s it all about?

Major News of the Quarter

Detailed broker information for the largest brokers in terms of volume

Directory of Forex service providers

Forex Industry Biggest M&As and Investments

With 160 pages, the Q4 Report has got something for everybody. Whether you are part of a Brokerage firm, operating as an Introducing Broker, developing products for the industry, or a consultant, the Q4 provides a key research tool to be informed and stay ahead of the competition.

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