FxPulp/Crown Forex ownership saga continues

The following post appeared all over the web and on multiple forums couple of days ago and was probably posted

The following post appeared all over the web and on multiple forums couple of days ago and was probably posted by the same person as the text is identical in all cases. I’m not usually republishing these things because you never know whether or not this is another fake broker review or if it’s real, however after discussing this with several of my colleagues it seems that the information, at least in part, is correct.

In my August 2009 post titled “The Forex Phoenix: Fx Pulp is the new Crown Forex?” I reported that there are a lot of rumors in the industry about FX Pulp being owned, at least in part, by same person or persons as those who owned the infamous Crown Forex.

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Be that as it may, one of my friends rightfully commented that we still haven’t seen a solid proof that will confirm those rumors.

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Here’s the text as posted on many forums:

The appearance of fxpulp goes to the end of the year 2008 and promoting itself as a company licensed in Cyprus, but the truth is hidden from the clients.

When Ibrahim Hassanein realized that crown forex is finished, he decided to start again in a new place. So, he established FXpulp in Cyprus and started to promote for it through crown forex clients, but due to the bad reputation of crown forex he decided to hide any connection between him and fxpulp and not to show himself or any of the staff who work with fxpulp because they are the same staff who were working in crown forex, even Saed Al-Qadomi CEO of FXpulp (CEO of crown forex in Jordan) changed his name to Said Al-Salem, hoping that clients won’t be able to know his voice even thou he is promoting for fxpulp through crown forex clients.

In breef, and so we won’t linger on our value readers, fxpulp is owned by Ibrahim Hassanein (registered under Saeds name), the same owner of crown forex and fxpulp follow the same policy of crown forex, as the owner and the employees of fxpulp are the same owner and employees of crown forex.”

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