Forex Magnates Global Industry Popularity Demonstrated through Boston Technologies’ Lead-generation Campaign

I don't like to boast the advantages of advertising on Forex Magnates but Boston Technologies's show-case demonstrating three-fold increase in

I don’t like to boast the advantages of advertising on Forex Magnates but Boston Technologies’s show-case demonstrating three-fold increase in leads was something I think all advertisers interested in advertising on Forex Magnates (and asking me how effective I think it would be) should care to read.

Boston Technologies ( has been offering a monthly Start Your Own Brokerage (SYOB) webinar since May and advertised here on Forex Magnates. The next webinar is scheduled for August 3, 2011 and 80 entrepreneurial folks, interested in branching out with their own Forex brokerage have signed up. There were two placements for the banner advertised in July and there will be three placed banners starting in August that will run through the end of the year.

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Limor Joseph-Raz, Director of Marketing at Boston Technologies, explains the media-buying choice: “Boston Technologies decided to advertise with Forex Magnates because it addressed our target market, covers a global distribution and is competitively priced. The attendance has grown three-fold for each session since we started advertising on Forex Magnates. Our target market for the Start Your Own FX Brokerage solution targets those who have worked in the past at a brokerage, are IB’s or successful traders who want to start their own business and are looking for a one-source, one –stop shop to get everything they need to start a business: The technology platform, the technology support, the legal framework for incorporation, and a liquidity provider via our affiliate, BT Prime.”

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Joseph-Raz continued: “We saw that those that attended came from countries around the world including: The US, India, UK, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Croatia and many others. This confirmed that the target audience was reached with Forex Magnets.”

Limor added that the advertising for a webinar worked as a lead-generation tool because attendees like the format where they can ask questions and get expert advice as they plan to build their business, whether it’s about the technology, regulations & compliance, or liquidity with aggressive spreads.

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