Be the Cat That Brokers Can’t Copy

Make an impact with clever, quality content that provides your clients with the very thing they’re looking for.

In last week’s post, I discussed the challenges brokers face when it comes down to their messaging. In today’s post, I want us to take a closer look at the copy we’re using to bring in new clients.

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DRMC, or Direct Response Marketing Copy, was touched upon in my last post too and Jeroen – one of the people who commented on the article – asked me to expand further. As promised, I will be covering DRMC and how you can get started on creating messaging that actually makes an impact.

The adage of quality over quantity wins every time 

Quality messaging is the key to running any successful campaign. There, I’ve said it! Marketing, like life, doesn’t have to be hard, and the simple truth is that if you want your campaign to work, there are two chief ingredients you need to add into your mix.

The first is to make sure you understand the needs and wants of your potential clients, and the second is doing whatever it takes to get your messaging spot on. More doesn’t mean better. Better is better, and if that means getting your point across faster, go ahead and do it.

I learned a very important lesson – or should I say harsh truth – many years ago, and I want to share it with you. Your potential customers don’t care about you. They want to know what you can offer them. And they certainly don’t care how great you think you are. All they want to know is what you can give them. Got that? It’s about them. Not you.

Once you’ve learned that vital Jedi mind trick, you’re going to be well on your way to understanding DRMC and the secrets to unlocking more clients.

DRMC is a lot more fun than HMRC 

None of us like to fill in our tax forms, but a lot of us do like our hand held when it comes to doing things, like having our tax forms filled in, hence the sub-title. The same can be said of Direct Response Marketing Copy. For starters, it’s direct. There’s no lingering with DRMC, but enough talk. It’s time for action, so let me give you a quick example of some DRMC. Before I do, I want to set the scene for what you’re about to read.

Here are two bits of copy. Both are targeting potential clients to register for a forex webinar:

Want to learn how to trade forex like a seasoned professional?

We’ve created the perfect series of webinars that are geared to getting you to learn everything about forex trading.

Our free webinars will introduce you to the world of forex and we are also going to expand on the terminology used by experienced traders.

You will be given everything you need to improve your knowledge of the markets as you are going to learn about pips, how to calculate leverage, and more!

Sign up for your free seat today!

Conversely, here’s the second piece:

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Both pieces have 90 words. Both are about webinars. You tell me which one inspired you most. The first piece is okay in that it might bring in attendees. But it’s the standard approach. “Come and register your seat with us so that we can tell you what every other broker is telling you.” The second piece is the one that will bring in the gold. It’s super direct and offers value, and it’s those two words – “Direct” and “Value”, which are the linchpins of your copy. Without them, you won’t ever make the next level.

Some of you might be stewing right now because you’ve written copy like the second piece, but it’s never seen the light of day. I get how you’re feeling, so let me add the following, which is addressed to CEOs, CMOs and other gatekeepers… by allowing your heads of marketing and/ or copywriters to create unique, clever content, I promise you that you’ll leapfrog your competitors.

Do me a favour and try to spin the second piece. It’s super difficult, because the copy is so direct, to the point and contains no blah, blah, blah. Any attempt to spin it would be crystal clear to any reader who had seen the original. And you know what that’s great for? Your brand. DRMC gives you the power to set your brand apart, so why aren’t more brokers embracing it?

Same old got old

The sad fact is that the powers that be at the vast majority of brokers are completely and utterly unreceptive to DRMC – there are exceptions to that rule, but those exceptions take DRMC to an anti-compliance extreme, which is a definite no-go.

So where does that leave the industry’s copywriters? I’ll tell you. It leaves them with no option but to write the same old copy as every other broker. They may try to push the boundaries by upping the stakes and creating clever, intriguing DRMC-esque campaigns and content, but usually it will be a waste of time.

Why is it a waste of their time you ask … Simply because, FX C-Levels usually have a vision of the brokerage business that’s not aligned in the slightest with what potential clients will respond to, and any content that strays from that vision will be vetoed. Tangible results or vague vision? I know which one I’d choose …

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