"I Believe That Doing What You Love Is the Only Recipe for Genuine Success"- Erez Shifron

Today TradingPeople meets Erez Shifron, the CMO of MTE-Media.


Who are you and what do you do?

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I’m Erez, married and a proud father to four adorable kids. Outdoor activities are my favorite activities whether it’s trekking, camping, jogging or even just a walk with a friend in the open air.

At MTE-Media I’m responsible for the Marketing and Sales strategy, team leading and I contribute to the overall business development. This is an exciting task. As the biggest B2B business in our field we must make sure that we provide brokers with what they need and dictate the path for other companies that want to follow us; it’s a satisfying challenge.




Describe a typical work day.


I like to come in early. This gives me some quiet time to progress without interruptions. Obviously roadmap planning, phone calls, emails and meetings are my cup of tea, but above all I just love to learn new stuff. I try to learn/do something new for the first time every day. This keeps me fresh after several fruitful years with the company.


How is what you do important for the trading industry?

Even if a broker has the best trading technology in the industry, lacking good marketing tools will dramatically reduce his ability to monetize his technology. In our industry, like in many other industries, education plays a key role in attracting new clients. Some companies are trying to provide education market research and other online engagement tools. However, it turns out that providing such services isn’t a simple task. At MTE-Media we have been providing it all with a proven record since 2007. Also, I share my knowledge and experience with our partners, and I’m happy to see how their education-based marketing strategy takes off and becomes a dominant part of their business, thus making it more attractive and efficient.

The Hong Kong harbor at sunrise is breathtaking



What do you love about your work?

I’m the kind of person who most of the time does only what he loves. I believe that doing what you love is the only recipe for genuine success. So I love almost everything I do. If I assign to myself a task which isn’t my favorite, I try to find a way to love it by changing my point of view.



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What is the quintessential experience of working in the trading industry?

I travel quite a lot. In every place I’m in around the world I try to run at least once during the early morning. There is nothing like the feeling of a good running session in a beautiful and exciting new place. It’s the perfect start for a new day. The Hong Kong harbor at sunrise is breathtaking. The 0 degree mornings in London are challenging, jumping into the sea after a nice running session in the warm beaches in Cyprus is pure fun. Without a doubt, this represents our global industry where geographical location is irrelevant.


How old were you when you had your first paying job?


Lacking good marketing tools will dramatically reduce a broker’s ability to monetize his technology

When I was 15 I started my first paying job in a restaurant kitchen during the summer vacation. I mainly learned to meet new people and found out that dishes coming out of an industrial dishwasher are extremely hot.


Who do you admire?


I admire anyone who embraces a positive attitude and faith.


Please share an anecdote that is unique to our industry.


In our industry, I find it amusing that in so many cases when you call someone’s office, the country code has nothing to do with the office’s location in the world.


What advice would you like to share here that has been important to you?


When it comes to long-term brand building, it seems that being honest and finding win-win solutions with my partners is the only solution that not only allows the company to grow but also gives me satisfaction in what I do.






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