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What Is the One Thing That 95% of Traders Fail to Do?

In this week's vlog, Rayner Teo highlights on how not to miss trends, using the example of the USD/JPY and

Buying high, and selling low. And this is due to our upbringing where we are taught to buy low and sell high. Imagine going to a supermarket, you’re always looking to buy things which are on discount. And if something cost more than usual, you would avoid buying the item, right?

But when you translate that into trading, it causes most traders to miss massive trends in the market because they are always looking to buy low, and sometimes price simply doesn’t come back low enough.

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This is a serious trading issue as it leads you to miss trends in the market.

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In this week’s video, I will highlight this with the USD/JPY and Nikkei example, and explain how traders are missing beautiful trends in these markets.

You need to remember; price is never too high to long, or too low to short.


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