Finance Magnates TLV Conference: Live Updates

Where Trading Meets Marketing And Fintech - The Finance Magnates team share live updates from this year's event.

Welcome! We are live at the Finance Magnates TLV Conference – the perfect opportunity for networking and doing business with the dynamic Israel-based trading industry.

Alongside the unique networking and exhibiting spaces, this year’s discussions will see top executives from trading, finance, marketing and financial technology sectors discussing the latest trends and what lies ahead for the industry.

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The place to be

Leading trading industry executives will be sharing their insights while marketing wizards will be revealing new tricks to improve your business and fintech startups demonstrating tomorrow’s technology today.

The morning schedule kicks off with a networking brunch at 10.00am and we will be providing ongoing coverage of panel sessions and other goings-on throughout the day. Stay tuned in to this page for a full rundown of what’s going on…

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The masterclass from the master mentalist! Lior Suchard gave a performance that amazed his audience…

Last Updated: 16.10

The latest panel session has taken place tackling the topic: Financial Regulation In Israel – Where Next?

Israel has a lot of opportunities for the financial industry, but it is the regulation that will determine which direction these opportunities will evolve. Tzah Drucker, Chairman of the Board, ITAA discussed the major developments in the field. One of his quotes from the panel discussion was:

“The Israeli regulator prefers not to deal with instruments that are too complex. Like the North Korean regulator”.

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More photos from the Panel discussions and the opportunity to digest…

Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates

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The masterclasses are now underway. How to Choose a Payment Processor has already taken place, along with The One SEO Ranking Factor You Cannot Afford to Ignore.

Masterclass 3: User Acquisition – How to be successful on Twitter has also just concluded. 

Liset Van Oosterhout, Account Executive, Israel Twitter, talked about how Twitter celebrated its 10 year anniversary last week which gave the company an opportunity to reflect.

She discussed how there is a lot of user acquisition going on as well as highlighting a historic tweet published in 2013, @Carl_C_Icahn that contained information not available elsewhere that impacted on the value of apple stock.

Perhaps not surprisingly, she also spoke about June 24th, 2016: A historical day for European politics. The tweets about #Brexit exploded and continued all day long and over 10 milion tweets were sent out.

Another useful snippet of information was that the financial audience on Twitter is one in eight visitors, and how it is evident that banks and fintech companies continue to work closely with Twitter.

Haim Vatury, Senior Account Manger, Israel Twitter, also filled the audience in with information regarding payment for promoted tweets, the use of video app cards to engage clients’ loyality and raise brand awareness, the various ways in which a user can reach their audience and how the integration of CRM data makes customer based engagement possible.

He elaborated by saying that video is exploding now on the platform and how the company invests heavily in video.

The following photos show Liset in action covering Twitter’s product solutions, targeting methods and sharing industry best practices.

Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates

Last Updated: 12.20

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Here are a selection of interesting quotes from the panel. Read some of their valuable insights…

Yoni Heffels, Client Partner, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook:

Israel was never a financial hub but today it is a fintech hub…..Companies here like Payoneer are leveraging the fact that the world is changing…..Israel is very strong in development. For instance Payoneers’ customers are not located in Israel. Israelis don’t have the opportunity to use the service.

Dorel Blitz, Director, Head of FinTech, KPMG:

Israel is a great swimming pool for big companies such as banks and credit card institutions that have opened local offices here. Companies like KMPG are working with the best Israeli fintech companies to work outside of Israel. India for instance hardly has any fintech companies and they are very eager to work with Israeli companies..

Sharon Koren, Head of Digital Transformation, HP Enterprise:

There are many regulations. Technology (e.g. data) might change and become more flexible. ECB might accept that more. Security needs to be dealt with when dealing with fintech.

Ron Atzmon, Managing Director, AU10TIX:

Germany is an interesting example. The regulator is a disaster. How do you open an online bank? It’s the same stupidity like in Israel: you have to open a video conference. Spain is very similar. Big players from the finance industry are not doing business in Germany because of the game of the revolving door.


Your company went global Lior. What advise can you give?

Audience – Tom Higgins:

We are a fintech company in the UK. Is there an influence of Brexit on Israeli fintech companies?


Most of my clients are in the UK. There is a power play right now, but not a lot of changes will occur. It’s a game and it’s all about money.


This is a great event. Thank you Erez for having this event in Israel. This is a great opportunity for Israeli fintech companies to work with financial markets.

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So, the first panel session is underway, entitled The FinTech Sphere in Israel – Challenges and Opportunities. The panels boasts top local and international entrepreneurs who are discussing the hottest trends and major challenges that this industry segment is facing. Here they are in action:

Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates

Last Updated: 10.29

The crowds have started arriving…

Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates

Deep in conversation already. Planning their day, no doubt!

Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates
Finance Magnates

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Good Morning!

We’re all set with registration due to commence at 9.30am followed by a networking brunch at 10.00am. Follow our progress here – all times are GMT+2.

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Here We Go!

The night before…all set for the conference at the welcome party.





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