updates its forex school is certainly known as to be the primary site for forex newbies and now it’s taking its main asset is certainly known as to be the primary site for forex newbies and now it’s taking its main asset one step forward with several updates such as many new lessons, progress bar and more.

3 Reasons the New School Kicks A$$

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All the cool kids now know there’s a brand new School of Pipsology. They can’t wait to start tattooing study notes on each other’s back! If you think we’re so full of it, here’s why we think you’ll end up reading the new School day after day, instead of updating your Facebook status with today’s weather, or tweeting about how cool your new toothbrush feels in your mouth.

1. It’s 3X BIGGER than the Old School!

The New School of Pipsology is packed with even more detailed lessons! From learning basic forex lingo to intermarket correlations, we got you covered! If at one point you’ve emailed us asking for new lessons, on say, the Ichimoku indicator or maybe even how to trade harmonic price patterns , you’re in luck! Check out my list of new School of Pipsology lessons you absolutely have to read (it’s on the right side of this newsletter).

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2. Bursting with even cornier jokes and ridiculously funny images!

Monsters, sometimes disgustingly funny (but clean) cartoon illustrations and even tiny surprise images hidden in random charts are all here to make your learning more “visual”. Of course, these visuals can’t do much without them super corny jokes! Learning while laughing and being disgusted at the same time has never been this good!

3. A Progress Bar! Sweet!

What?! You’ve only finished 16% of the Preschool classes in 5 minutes? Ha. Thanks to this new Progress Bar, you’ll now get a gauge of how close or far you are from finishing a grade level. It also comes with this cool navigation pane that allows you to jump from one lesson to another in case you want to quickly backtrack or even fast forward. Bonus: the navigation pane has a bit of the stalker feature – it just follows you around wherever you are in the School. Kinda creepy in the beginning, but it definitely makes navigating the School of Pipsology so much easier!

All right! So there’s your list of reasons why you should go back to school! Trust me when I say this – if you want to be a better forex trader, you won’t skip this new School. It’s bigger, better, funnier and insanely awesomer!

Be cool. Don’t be a fool. Go back to School.

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