Fintech Spotlight: RevelTrade Connects Traders and Algorithmic Developers

Aiming to be the bridge between systematic trading developers and non-programmer is soon to be launched strategy marketplace, RevelTrade.

Having traded in the early 2000’s as automation really began to hit trading desk in full force, one of the challenges my group faced was communication between traders and developers. Traders had their fundamental and technical indicators they used to make decisions, but their gut reactions were also a large part of entering new orders. Therefore, communicating the mental process behind their strategies for developers to replicate into automated black boxes was no simple endeavor. In addition, while developers know code, a learning curve exists between them understanding the minute aspects of the trading markets and how trader demands fit in.

Aiming to become a bridge between traders and algorithmic developers is RevelTrade. Currently in its development phase and seeking investors and strategy developers for its upcoming public launch, RevelTrade is a marketplace of algorithmic strategies for retail equity traders who don’t know how to code automated programs on their own.

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While such marketplaces do exist and provide automated strategies for retail account holders, RevelTrade hopes to distinguish itself by partnering directly with algorithmic traders. In this regard, RevelTrade is a member of the Algorithmic Traders Association (ATASSN), with the marketplace offering developers a stage to promote their systematic strategies.

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A server side platform, users connect their brokerage accounts from either E*Trade or TradeKing to RevelTrade, after which selected strategies execute trades on their behalf automatically. The product contains a dashboard where users can monitor multiple trading strategies at once, handle risk management, and customize the parameters of each strategy. As a cloud platform, once strategies are deployed, users aren’t required to keep their computers running nor operate virtual servers for RevelTrade to execute strategies. The system also provides a mobile app, which users can check and control trades on the go.

It’s like turning the dial on a radio to change the station, as opposed to having to pull out the radio and solder in new wires – Dean Amburn

For non-developers, Dean Amburn, Founder of RevelTrade, compared the platform to a radio stating, “Offering expert developed and customizable trading apps allows the trader to focus on fine tuning trading results. It’s like turning the dial on a radio to change the station, as opposed to having to pull out the radio and solder in new wires.” Amburn added, “It’s easy to select when you’re going to execute the buys and the sells. The programming is already in place. All you have to do is move the dial.”

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