E-commerce couponing and customer care

A Tada.com study reveals consumer tendencies with regards to online couponing Tada.com, a coupon service for retailers has commissioned a

A Tada.com study reveals consumer tendencies with regards to online couponing

Tada.com, a coupon service for retailers has commissioned a study including 8 858 online consumers who were given a survey to complete directly after making an online purchase.

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The results show that “while coupons don’t erode the full-price base of shoppers, they absolutely compel impulse shopping and drive consumers to routinely spend more,” says CMO of Shopzilla, David Weinrot.

Ironically however, most shoppers who responded positively to the distribution of coupons for online shopping did not make an effort to locate them on shopping websites before checking out, which is an interesting piece of information for merchants: it reiterates the fact that ease of use and user friendly shopping methods are key for e-commerce because consumers do not want to have to think or work when they are engaged in retail therapy. It also most obviously indicates that shoppers, in general, do not go out of their way to find discounted deals.

In terms of preferred coupon distribution for online shopping, the study reveals that emails sent by retailers were rated number one followed by coupons sent in the mail, coupons found through online searches, coupon websites and finally, coupons posted on social media.

Customer care is achieved through various methods, one being financial rewards. Even if shoppers are not being discounted significantly, or they need to spend a certain amount in order to receive the reward on offer, discounts are enticing and aid merchants by affecting customers in the following ways:

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*They encourage quick purchasing habits.

*They may stop customers from continuing to search.

*They encourage a sense of trust and can make customers feel as if they are being looked after by the merchant.

Customer care is vital, in general, for e-commerce success and is achieved through various means such as the discussed discount and reward system and things like a 24 hour enquiry service whereby customers can contact the merchant to neutralize purchasing difficulties.

Of course, at Payment Magnates we are all about payment and we believe that essential for good customer care is efficient and hiccup free payment processing. When you set-up your payment page and checkout system, ensure that customers are given a smooth and hassle free experience. This process has a lot to do with your web-design and back-end functionality but it also has to do with how your payments are processed and how/where your payment page is hosted. Make sure that you discuss this with the payment processing provider and educate yourself about the options available to you. Read our insight: What happens after the “pay button” is selected? as a good starting point for understanding these decisions.


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