Using Brexit as a Marketing Opportunity

The upcoming Brexit conundrum has created an opportunity for marketers.

On the 23rd of June, the United Kingdom decides if it wants to stay or leave. Like the exceedingly sad Dave Matthews song, this decision could stir up the emotional financial markets in unpredictable ways. There’s a lot at stake for traders and investors, and good communication around the market reaction will be followed with interest by current and potential customers.

So it makes sense to plan a marketing campaign around Brexit, like many of your competitors will. We suggest focusing on producing relevant content and then using advertising to reach your target audience. Some ideas around content:

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– Plan live webinars with analysts to discuss polling and results around Brexit and impact on the markets. Use your advertising and lead/client mailings to promote this webinar and capture contact information to generate leads.

– Produce an eBook with thoughtful discussion of the considerations around Brexit. Use advertising to promote it and generate leads along the way.

– Host a series of blog posts on your website with various information around Brexit and market reactions.

– Use live market data in advertising with headlines around Brexit. “How will EUR/GBP react to Brexit? Trade it live with us.”

– Post regular video market updates on your website, social media and Youtube.

– Push native content on social media platforms.

– Do a PR push to ensure analysts’ presence on relevant media outlets including online, print and TV and work together with publishers to push content related to Brexit on their publication.

– Organise an event such as a round table or conference around the subject of Brexit and how it affects markets.

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– If this fits your brand strategy, you could consider price promotions around relevant trading products.

And I am sure there are plenty more opportunities for content around Brexit. So now you have planned for some good content, how do brokers ensure that it gets seen by (potential) clients? We suggest you use at least a portion of your regular baseline advertising to promote Brexit messaging, but a couple of additional buys can be made:

– Video promotions using programmatic advertising, direct site buys and television advertising.

– Advertorial placements on relevant media

– Emails to external bought lists and internal lists of traders

– Native advertising in relevant publications and email lists

– Regular advertising buys online and offline

– Pay per click advertising around Brexit terms

– Social media sponsored updates and regular advertising

Stay or leave, with a good marketing plan in hand this could be an excellent opportunity to generate new clients. Besides the added publicity, Brexit should also cause some volatility, which goes hand in hand with better earnings, so now is the time for EU and UK focused brokers to spend some money.

Any other ideas around Brexit? Leave a comment below.

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