Trolls Hard at Work: The Best from BTC-e Chat

In continuing with the theme of some lighter content for the weekend, we present some of the finest and most

In continuing with the theme of some lighter content for the weekend, we present some of the finest and most scholarly insights from our friends in the BTC-e chatroom over the past few weeks. Not that we get a break over the weekend when it comes to crypto trading.

“good thing i’m unemployed! or else i’d have, like, responsibilities to wake up to tomorrow”

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“I work fulltime for an investment firm and Im staying up all night ****it”

“The streets are empty in Amsterdam, all people hold their breath watching this breaking deveopment in LTC price. I love Amsterdam.”

(On the spectacular rise and crash of Litecoin:)

“omg, how come something this positive turn in to a superdump

“Time to try again and see if we can land on the moon. I think we may be in orbit”

“A philosopher said “All of life’s problems derive from man being unable to sit quietly in a room.” I sit quietly in a room every day and it still feels like I have more problems than when I was overseas taking part in armed conflict”

“do we get hero points for getting banned say ten times?”.

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“Abandon women and children and head to the lifeboats! We’re going down!”

” if violence doesnt solve problems, you didnt use enough of it”

“My Doge just pooped out a Litecoin!!”

“gox has been realy stable for the last few weeks.. think I’ll send my coins there….”

“im warning you, buy ltc now, it’s going from 17 to 299382 in little time according to my studies”

“what what what, I was about to go to sleep but now I expect LTC to go all the way up to the moon, no not the moon, the sun, no we are going to reach for the stars and I am your captain on the ship so obey me if you want to experience American wealth and live the American dream. USA!!”

“guise, look there is activity on the price, no more need to talk about racism or religion. let’s stick to drugs and trading!”

“more and more im picturing metroid as an elderly man with no vested interest in crypto, just sitting in his rocking chair typing away and giggling to himself between doses of meds”

“No lie.. I had a nightmare about crypto last night. I was trading LTC. Sold all. and then BOOOOM Major rise that wouldnt stop. So quick couldnt place a buy order. went from 20 to 50 to 100 to 400 to 700 to 800 then i woke up because i was in a panic”

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