The $250,000 Bitcoin Domain Name: Launched reports that the was sold in February for $250,000 and now appears to have been launched as a new business. The reports that the was sold in February for $250,000 and now appears to have been launched as a new business.

The site’s stated aim is to support a Bitcoin wallet “as easy as your name”. It consolidates an individual’s multiple bitcoin addresses into a single page. This alone wouldn’t be incredibly novel, considering the variety of other services out there that can achieve the same effect. Here, users get a distinct “domain” (ironic considering the beginnings of the site), a personal page stating your goals and your “official” wallet. It takes the form of:

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There is a social twist as well, with the most popular pages shown front and center. These may include, for example, popular causes for bitcoin donations. The most visited pages include: Dorian Nakamoto- the new quasi-hero of the crypto community, Edward Snowden (both who have received crowdsourced funds), and someone called “”.

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The site lets you send bitcoins to any other user without a fee and apparently with instant confirmation. Deposits and withdrawals into your own account, however, are charged a 0.0008 BTC ($0.36) transaction fee to cover miner fees and costs for the service.

Among security features is the increasingly popular proof-of-solvency concept. Anyone can apparently confirm that another user’s balance is accounted for without actually viewing a specific user’s balance.

Continuing with the domain name theme, premium usernames can be purchased. Pricing is based on a sliding scale: an initial fee ranging from 0.1 BTC to 2 BTC plus a yearly fee ranging from 0.01 to 0.2 BTC.

The launch is (very slightly) reminiscent of Namecoin and their mandate to use their crypto protocol to decentralize domain names on the web.

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