Bitcoin Will Move Above $500,000 Within Three Years, Predicts John McAfee

The cyber-security pioneer stirred up a lot of attention before promoting two ICOs for his new venture.

There is no doubt that the colorful founder of the first commercial anti-virus program is a programming genius, but now we got an example of just how much of a marketing genius John McAfee is as well.

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Over the past day McAfee was able to draw a huge amount of attention from the technology and business press onto his social media profiles by making some very bold statements regarding Google and Bitcoin.

First he called the online search monopoly a creepy privacy eroding monster as well as a threat to human dignity, and promised to destroy it with a new project.

Then McAfee riled everyone in the online cryptocurrency scene up by predicting that the price of Bitcoin will move above half a million USD in three years. He even backed up this statement with an incredible show of bravado, almost irresistible for clickbait-hungry journalists.

Once he had all the eyes of the cryptocurrency community on him, McAfee started promoting a new token very modestly called McAfee Coin (MCF).

Interestingly, the sale of this token will be just one of two separate ICOs planned for supporting McAfeeXL – an accelerator and venture capital fund meant to help hackers build proprietary blockchain- and AI-based systems in China.

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