Boston Consulting Group’s DV to Host Hackathon for Blockchain Apps

With prizes totaling over $10,000 in cryptocurrency, the two-day event marks the inauguration of DVolution.

BCG Digital Ventures (DV), the global corporate venture, investment and incubation arm of the Boston Consulting Group, today announced that it will host its first ever dAppathon (hackathon for decentralized apps) this August 25-27 at LA’s Silicon Beach.

With prizes totaling over $10,000 in cryptocurrency, the two-day event marks the inauguration of DVolution, focused upon pioneering decentralized common services by leveraging third-generation blockchain protocols.

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Dominic Williams, Chief Scientist, DFINITY network, and President/CTO String Labs, a contributor to DVolution, commented: “Blockchain computer networks are a new type of IT platform for business with transformational properties that can be used to fundamentally reimagine and reengineer many business systems for the better. They will cut costs, generate new value, unlock synergies, support dynamic new markets and allow businesses to work together with unparalleled efficiency.”

It was also revealed that Mike Schwartz, Partner, BCGDV has been quietly assembling a team of elite blockchain-centric product managers, architects and engineers to build out DVolution since 2015.

“The blockchain is to us today what the internet was in the early to mid ’90s, but this next shift will be even more disruptive; as data, logic, regulatory frameworks and entire stakeholder ecosystems make their way into the fabric of the next generation of the internet. Given the time it takes to pivot large organizations’ business models, one simply cannot afford not to be actively engaged in understanding how to continue to provide shareholder value given relative immediacy of this coming change,” said Schwartz.

Three winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, the other participants, and Reddit’s Ethereum community.

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