Tradesmarter Unveils Unique ‘Single URL’ Platform

The new solution allows traders to use exactly the same interface to access the market on smartphone, tablet and desktop.

Finance Magnates has visited the offices of Tradesmarter, binary options technology developer, and was presented with its newest product, the WOW trading platform – a solution providing an identical appearance and functionality across all devices. Tradesmarter’s innovative approach completely eliminates the separation between desktop and mobile. As the first trading platform unified across smartphone, tablet and desktop, it removes key funnel obstacles, allowing marketers to take advantage of today’s increased mobile traffic opportunity.

The firm’s management explains that this new platform is the result of a twelve month research and development project aimed at resolving one of the most difficult problems of the binary options industry – the different technology, functionality and appearance of trading across devices. This problem has prevented marketers from running end to end mobile traffic funnels and significantly reduced the conversion rate. It has also forced the traders to get used to a different trading platform on each device, hindering the trader’s experience and reduced his life time value.

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Tradesmarter Wow on Tablet
Tradesmarter Wow on Tablet

Tradesmarter’s solution to this problem was to design, develop and deploy a unified, responsive and adaptive platform transparently operating on smartphones, tablets and desktops. The technology facilitates a full end to end mobile conversion from lead, through deposit all the way to ‘auto login’ and trading on the same device, enabling marketers to fully utilize their mobile traffic and significantly increase conversion rates.

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What this means in practice is that a potential client can see an ad (saying, for example, ‘is AAPL going up or down?’ after reading about Apple on facebook or searching for it on Google), click on it and be directed immediately to the instrument’s chart on the actual platform, open a trade and deposit. All of this is done without ever seeing a landing page, downloading an app or talking to a sales representative – a solution that can greatly disrupt the established way of doing business. If this approach is widely adopted by brokers it can potentially swing the balance of power back to them from the affiliate networks.

Tradesmarter Wow on Mobile
Tradesmarter Wow on Mobile

With the Tradesmarter platform, traders experience an identical appearance and functionality across their mobile and desktop devices, which significantly enhances trader satisfaction. Instead of accessing the markets via different apps on various devices, it offers a single URL for all of them. A trader can use his phone to open a trade on his way to the office and access the platform later on his laptop and everything stays the same – it is only the size of the display that changes according to the need.

Despite the fact that the platform looks good and supports all devices, it is surprisingly lightweight and fast – the developers explained that they put extra focus on making sure it will require minimum bandwidth and resources for the benefit of clients. Another advantage to both traders and brokers is that the platform supports 3rd party app integration based on Tradesmarter API. This allows brokers to develop and add their own unique tools to the platform that will be available to traders regardless of the device they use. The firm presented a few apps that are already in use by some of its brokers and expects to announce more soon.

The platform is scheduled to presented publicly for the first time at next month’s Finance Magnates London Summit.

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