Interview: MarketsPulse's New CEO Eyes Support Services Focus

Coming from the gaming industry's client side, Mickey Winitsky charts his course for the binary options developer.

MarketsPulse is a significant player in the busy field of technology providers for binary options brands. Working primarily in the Asian market, it has managed to position itself as a high quality brand. MarketsPulse has recently experienced a shake-up in its executive management. A new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mickey Winitsky, was appointed after the firm’s founder, Rachely Esman, stepped down from the role and became the Chairman.

Winitsky has over a decade of experience in online client acquisition, technology and B2B services having operated in the gaming, social and financial trading fields in various roles. He also has entrepreneurial experience having co-established a U.S licensed online casino. Finance Magnates sat down with the new CEO at his office to learn about his views and plans for the firm.

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Involved in the gaming industry during the implementation of several regulation changes, Winitsky explained that he joined the firm due to its “white-hat” reputation in the sometimes questionable binary options industry, and that it is not about to change. He said: “My experience has taught me that the strongest survive and choosing a technology company with the same belief is key. It was refreshing to know MarketsPulse is committed to providing a solution that will meet regulatory requirements and this will never change.”

He added that the firm conducts due diligence prior to any partnership and “believes in providing a transparent and trusted solution – to traders, partners, employees, and regulators.” This convinced Winitsky that MarketsPulse is built for the long run.

The firm’s founders chose Winitsky based on the vast experience he has gathered in the gaming segment and during a similar evolution as binary options is presently undergoing. “It was important for the founders that I knew and understood the progress that is similar to the financial industry,” Winitsky explained.

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Going Forward

Founded and managed by programmers, up until now MarketsPulse has focused more on the technology development and financial side of the business. With the new CEO coming from the client side of the B2B relationship, it will naturally shift to the needed supporting services.

A new “Client Success Team” has been formed – focusing on each client individually and helps with developing and implementing a B2C strategy.  The new CEO will add services that focus on customer needs on three levels:

  1. Planning – create and assist the client with their binary option strategy to ensure that a suitable infrastructure will be put into place
  2. Operational Implementation – Email Services, onboarding strategies, retention techniques, affiliate/media structures & IB systems, etc.
  3. Execution – trader acquisition support and training at client premises

However, Winitsky promised that the firm will continue to focus on its core, technology and finance, which has brought MarketsPulse success thus far. “We will continue to invest in providing our risk management services and best-of-breed pricing engine that is predictive and dynamic, and able to provide the highest payouts while still benefitting the broker.”

Mickey Winitsky, CEO, Marketspulse.
Mickey Winitsky, CEO, MarketsPulse.

As for the firm’s longer term goals, those will be evaluated by Winitsky together with his management and will be revealed during the upcoming months. The new CEO shared that MarketsPulse will work to strengthen its unique in-house desktop application, a different approach in offering the web focused binary options industry, said to be very popular in Asia. It will continue to focus on Asia, with special focus on the Japanese market, based on its reputation as the only foreign provider used by licensed binary operators in the heavily regulated region.

“MarketsPulse has invested a lot into the technology and financial services over the years. In general, we will continue to give our clients a well-rounded (360 degrees) solution, to further increase their success.”

The firm is also busy working on new offerings, the CEO revealed to Finance Magnates. MarketsPulse is going to create the next generation of its Business Intelligence (BI) system and an exclusive very short- term option. “We’ve just launched a 15 second option with 100% payout. It’s an exciting product which further accommodates to traders looking short-term trading and is a result of market demand shown from in-depth R&D,” said Winitsky.

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