Oil Magnate Simon Kukes Explains Why He Became a Major Leverate Investor

Simon Kukes, the top global oil man who bought 12.5% of Leverate, speaks about the firm in an exclusive interview.

Leverate is a big name in the online investments world as it enables many new and existing brokers to offer forex and binary options trading via its platforms and complete brokerage solutions. Finance Magnates had a chance to interview one of the most prominent figures in the business world and offer our readers a look at how he sees the online trading market.

Dr. Simon Kukes is a top international oil man with an impressive career and is one of the most well-known figures in the Russian petroleum industry. He served as Chief Executive of Yukos from 2003 to June 2004. Kukes joined Leverate’s board of directors after buying 12.5% of its stocks.

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Why did you choose to invest in Leverate?

You know I have always been involved with the energy sector. It is what I have devoted my life to, and that is a very straightforward industry, a very traditional industry. I have in recent years come to develop a big interest in the hi-tech industry, FinTech in particular, and I started looking for a good fit for my investment. Leverate is a well-known industry leader, it has a wonderful reputation, a solid management team and a good vision for the future. These are all good qualities I look for in a company I want to be involved with. As I see customers in this industry become more professional, high-quality FOREX platforms will be needed, and Leverate can undoubtedly provide that.

What position do you think the company could achieve in the future?

Leverate has immense potential and I see the company growing in several ways. Firstly, I see it continuing to grow within its current business lines. Leverate holds a market leader position in providing solutions to brokers, both new and existing. The innovation and reputation gives the company the leverage to keep growing within the retail brokerage industry. This is true of the traditional Europe and Middle Eastern markets, but more recently the rapid growth in China, Southeast Asia, and newer markets in what some term as former Soviet Union.

I also see a great opportunity to expand into large scale partnerships and joint ventures both in the B2G market, by helping governments formulate their regulation and providing technology for compliance, as well as in the highly regulated markets, such as the US.  I see Leverate uniquely positioned to allow much larger corporations connected to the finance sector to enter the brokerage market, utilizing the strengths of Leverate together with their own.

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What are Leverate’s strengths compared with other firms you have looked at?

Leverate is a highly innovative company with a deep understanding of the market needs and that is why it is a leader in the industry. They are flexible in their thinking and are not afraid to act beyond their comfort zone and that is a quality I appreciate. They have vast experience and hold a strong position in the market. Their technology is very avant-garde and what’s most important, they have a solid management team with vision and drive, who understands the value of employing excellent human capital and talent. I have been successful in developing businesses and know the importance of the management team. I was impressed with the operational skill, hard work, and ethics at Leverate. I can add value in assisting them in a global strategy, M&A, and fund raising activities.

Leverate builds technologies that enhance the success of their clients. They do not produce products, but solutions that allow businesses to grow. They guide into business processes that optimize the way they approach the markets. Many of the new developments that have been in the news recently are shining examples. As a member of the board, I have the privilege of having a view into the future, and I believe it is very exciting.

Why did you decide to branch out of energy and invest in a FinTech company?

The technology sector is a high growth and return sector and I have been looking to branch out and invest in it. I see a great global business opportunity in FinTech. The industry is growing and regulation is becoming stricter, which will strengthen the industry in terms of growth, investment and return. What’s more, the world is not stable and it will take a longer time to achieve consensus between countries. As a result, higher currency volatility is unavoidable, which presents yet another opportunity for growth of the industry.

Have you looked into investing in other fintech firms before deciding on Leverate?

I don’t typically discuss my investment strategies, I have done my due diligence before making what I consider to be the best decision. Leverate presented an attractive opportunity at an opportune moment. Like they say, right place, right time. Leverate’s plans for the future are exciting and my investment in the company was made based on what I believe I will gain in return.

Again, I’m not in the habit of discussing investment strategies, but I will say this: I am in a position to add value to Leverate, and not just as an investor, but also as an active advocate.

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