Trading Guide: The Importance of Basic Math in Trading Binary Options

Trading in binary options isn't only about the markets. Mathematics has a huge role to play and it governs the

PercentageTrading is about making money. Making money on the binary options market is about carefully analyzing statistics and ultimately about basic math. Binary option brokers, for the most part, profit from what their clients lose. They are targeting an equilibrium in the market when for every buyer there is a seller and vice versa (i.e. there should always be an even amount of puts and calls), but that is rarely the case.

Traders also need math to be on their side. And since the rules of trading binary options are already set, traders just need to make the calculations. Unlike forex or stock trading, the risk/reward ratio is non-negotiable in binary options trading. The only thing left to improve or control in a sense, is the win rate.

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Let’s say we have a digital option with an 80% payout, this means that if a trader wants to break even he has to win 5 trades for every 4 losses. In other words, a trader needs to win more often than he loses just to break even.

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PayoutTo be able to make any money with an 80% payout, the trader needs to be right at least 60% of the time. It’s tough for traders to be able to correctly analyze the market and predict its direction. They also need to pick the option type that will best suit their trading style and market conditions.

The market will either be trending, in a range or a mixture of the two. Traders need to pick their time to strike and need to trade with a clear idea of what they are looking for. Keep in mind that emotions and mathematics mix just as well as oil and water. Traders need mathematics on their side.

Improving the chances of every single trade being a winner is what actually puts basic math on the trader’s side.

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