The Most Profitable Trades of Q4 2020

There were a lot of opportunities for traders in Q4 2020 and remain so in January.

The fourth quarter of 2020 was marked by a triumph of optimism on the market. We have seen a strong recovery in China’s economy, rapid growth in indices, a rise in the price of raw materials, including the usually problematic oil, the growth of commodity currencies, and the weakening of the dollar.

You could make money on all of these assets: there were a lot of opportunities in Q4.

The last quarter was disappointing only for those who invested in metals, as well as other safe assets, though we believe they will go back to the green zone in the future, considering they were there for three quarters in a row.

It should be noted that with the growth of the number of profitable assets, the number of traders who closed the deals with an enviable profit also increased.

This certainly inspired the SuperForex team and allowed us to easily find and rank the best deals of the fourth quarter.

Number one in our ranking are the deals with shares of the company WIZZ Air. Yes, in Q4 another jump in the price of shares of this airline occurred. On October 1 the share price was $3,099.25, while at the end of December, traders sold them at a price of

The nominal growth of the share price was +47.78% in 3 months. Thus, by investing $16,000 in a trade, the amount of investment increased by more than nine times in three months, bringing $148,107 in profits, or $1,481 on each purchased share.

There were only a few such deals, but what an impressive profit they brought to our traders.

Number two on our list are the deals with Samsung shares. It was hard not to notice that the world leader in the production of consumer electronics didn’t have any problems with sales or the demand for its products in 2020.

Quarterly reports one after another recorded profit growth, and according to the forecasts, the report for the fourth quarter will not be an exception.

Of course, optimism in the market contributed to the growth of shares, which grew by 43.6% in the last three months of 2020.

Thus, by buying shares in October at a price of $1,274.14, you could sell them at the end of December at $1,830.78. In order to buy 100 shares (1 trading lot), it was necessary to invest $13,000, which in just three months was multiplied four times. Thus, profit amounted to 55,664 dollars on each traded lot or $556.64 with each purchased share.

The top three deals of the fourth quarter are completed by deals with Tesla shares. Over the past three months, Tesla shares have added daily in price, reaching a maximum level after an additional emission in September.

As a result, by the New Year, Elon Musk became the richest man on the planet. Traders with Tesla shares also became several times richer, buying shares in October at a price of $441, and selling them at $718 three months later. By investing $5,000, at the end of the fourth quarter they could get $27,676 in profit, which is not inferior in terms of profitability to the assets mentioned above but required a smaller investment.

By far, this is the most popular asset among our CFD traders: every second deal was with Tesla shares and 85% of them were profitable.

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