How to Promote Successful Dealing Through Technology

Success must be built, and building materials have to be the best

Since 2006, the AMTS Solutions team has been developing technology for dealing, and I, Dmitry Rannev, during all these years have been closely entwined with this process. At the beginning we were working for large forex brokers, then later as an independent software development company.

And during all this time, the companies that we have represented have improved their respective reputation and gained credibility amongst traders (at least, within the types of accounts that operate on our technologies). However, there is a reasonable explanation for this, given several important factors, so let’s put them in order.


Quality is a factor, without which everything else, practically, has no sense. No need to explain that without quality, you can entice the consumer to a particular product, but it is impossible to keep him there. We have been developing technologies for more than 10 years, and during this time we have developed a very fast and robust architecture that allows our software to work stably without critical technical failures, providing brokers and their customers with perfect execution.

Unfortunately, the whole process of quoting depends not only on the broker and the technologies that he uses, but also on other factors, in particular, on the execution of liquidity providers. That being said, we practically reduced to zero the probability of serious failures due to the failure of our software.

The process of execution has never been a secret

Openness and transparency

We build our technologies on the principle of openness and transparency. Our methodology of execution is quite clear and understandable. The process of execution has never been a secret, every stage of execution of any orders, we can describe with millisecond accuracy.

Moreover, we offer an opportunity for brokers’ customers to see the depth of the market in the glass, see the size of slippage in the comments to the orders. When analyzing claims in independent instances (for example, in Fincom Ltd.), we will not operate only with the broker’s rules (where you can write anything), but provide a full description of the execution, including logs of the internal system and FIX logs of execution from the liquidity provider. In this way we also explain the way of execution in terms of market practice, which is quite impressive.

More information about how our technology works can be found on our website. And this information is available not only for brokers, but also for traders, we have nothing to hide.

Customer focus

Our technologies are designed for brokers, though they are focused mainly on customers. We adhere to the principle that the broker can set any trading conditions, can use any methods of work (hedging or not hedging customers), but the main principle of our technologies is that the broker should not “help” the client lose money.

Our technology broker cannot intervene in the execution process. In the scheme that we are promoting, the broker can work according to the B-Book scheme (without hedging his customers), but he should have a high-quality A-book scheme in his arsenal.

We adhere to the principle that the broker can set any trading conditions

And if there are clients that don’t satisfy the broker with their profitability or trading tactics of their clients, then he should not leave them, or even worse, deteriorate their quality of execution. Rather the correct way of modern dealing involves simply transferring them to a hedging scheme to gain from turnover.

Sometimes, in order to improve a given broker’s effectiveness it involves worsening the client’s performance, though eventually those utilizing this model of work risk losing their business sooner or later.

Dialogue with traders

Dialogue with customers is also an important part, which contributes to the reputation of the broker. I have personally been present at independent traders forums since 2002, where, even as a representative of a broker, I was one of the first persons who started talking about what everybody was afraid of, and I keep doing so until this day.

I think that dialogue with clients at the level of “the rules are not broken and goodbye” is fundamentally wrong, because it takes away loyalty from the client not only to the broker, but also to the forex industry.

The client needs to explain in details what is going on and why, so instead of having a feeling of being deceived, he has a feeling that if before he couldn’t understand something, but now he gets it all. On the forums, I state that companies that use AMTS Solutions technology cannot interfere with the execution process.

Success must be built, and building materials have to be the best

Periodically, I discuss the claims for certain orders, I tell not only how the technologies work, but I share different statistics and market practices. When a client can go to a forum and ask a question about execution not to a broker, but to a company representative whose technology is being used by the broker, he or she increases the confidence index that everything is clear. Furthermore, this also helps brokers improve their reputation and reputation of the industry.


In this world, nothing happens by accident. Success must be built, and building materials have to be the best. Using AMTS Solutions technology is a rule of good form in dealing. If you want customers to choose you, you should choose AMTS Solutions technology.

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