Market Volatility and Global Expansion Power Infinox to Half Trillion Mark

Infinox’s core business has adapted well to the new regulatory environment in the UK and EU.

  • Volumes traded on Infinox surge by 28% to hit $553bn in 2020 as international investors capitalise on unprecedented market conditions
  • Growth comes as the global platform expands into Africa and South America, increasing worldwide headcount by 38%
  • The brokerage, which specialises in FX and CFD trading, recorded a 61% jump in global revenue as its expansion strategy paid off

The global trading platform Infinox recorded a 61% jump in revenue and a 28% increase in trading volumes to $553bn in 2020, as investor demand surged and the company’s international expansion plans bore fruit.

Headquartered in the City of London but with a presence in 15 countries, Infinox enables sophisticated private investors to trade a full range of asset classes, from forex to equities and commodities.

For more than 11 years, the platform has put world-class trading power into investors’ hands. A global pioneer in FX and CFD trading, it combines a seamless user experience with the very latest Metatrader 5 trading technology.

In 2020 the group launched IX Social, a community trading app that puts the world’s financial markets at users’ fingertips while also enabling them to share their knowledge – and the fun – of real-time trading with an international community of investors.

Infinox’s core business, which is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, has adapted well to the new regulatory environment in the UK and EU, growing gross profit by 43% in the 12 months to 31st March 2020.

As the pandemic triggered volatility – and investment opportunities – in global markets, investor demand grew around the world. Infinox responded by accelerating its international expansion strategy, expanding its global headcount by more than a third (38%).

It also successfully gained regulatory approval in South Africa and Mauritius, allowing it to welcome African investors to its fast-growing client base for the first time.

It also secured a major first in South America, when it was selected by the Brasil Bolsa Balcão – the world’s third largest derivatives exchange, known as the B3 – to provide vital market infrastructure enabling Brazilian investors to trade FX futures and S&P 500 Micro futures in their home market for the first time.

Infinox’s impact on Brazil’s trading landscape has been transformational. As the sole ‘market maker’ for FX futures contracts on the B3, it now handles more than 70% of trades in the key currency pairs – including EUR/USD, GBP/USD and JPY/USD – on the exchange.

Robert Berkeley, CEO of Infinox, said:

“Our FCA regulated business INFINOX Capital Limited saw a return to profit for the year ended 31 March 2020 with a 43% increase in gross profit, evidencing the businesses agility to adapt to the new regulatory environment the UK and Europe. We have successfully introduced Futures into the business, notably as a market maker on the Brasil Bolsa Balcão stock exchange – known as the B3. Infinox executes more than 70% of the non-cross trades on the Brazilian exchange on currency futures for instance EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.
On a particular exciting front, INFINOX is now regulated in South Africa (FSCA) and Mauritius (FSC) which will provide the platform to expand into Africa, as well as the established businesses under the FCA in the UK and the SCB in Bahamas. The global INFINOX Group in 2020 saw a 38% increase in staff across the business and a 28% increase in volumed traded to 553bn.
INFINOX, the brand, continues its strong global growth, recognised around the world as one of the most trusted brokerages. The introduction of MT5, Multi Asset offering, INFINOX Partners ( and IX Social, our new Social trading App (, has built the foundation for our global expansion plans. We have also under our INFINOX Prime brand ( developed a new business orientated liquidity offering to brokers around the world.”
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