Leading Fintechs Attending iFX EXPO – What You Need to Know About Toomit

All of the biggest players from across the financial services industry will be in attendance, including Toomit

The iFX EXPO International is once again coming to Cyprus, taking place this week on May 22-24 in Limassol at the Palais de Sport Spyros Kyprianou. All of the biggest players from across the financial services industry will be in attendance, including a wide range of fintech companies, startup brokers, and solutions providers, as well as Toomit.

The financial services industry continues to advance in 2018, spearheaded by developments in the fintech space. Last year’s iFX EXPO reached over 3,000 attendees, with this year’s event expected to draw even more. Highlighting the event will be fintech companies, which will be there to offer brokers and startup firms several new and innovative solutions.

Don’t miss the next big development

Each year, the iFX EXPO features workshops, panel discussions, and sneak peeks into the next big development. Solutions providers will be attending the event from all over the world, turning Cyprus into a global hub for innovation during the two-day event next week. With this in mind, companies and executives would be well served to attend the event for fear of missing out on cutting edge developments and technology.

Amongst the list of distinguished companies in attendance will be solutions provider Toomit. The group’s veteran team boasts over a decade of experience across the trading, marketing, sales, dealing, and compliance sectors. This has helped pave the way for the rollout of its newest disruptive product, TOOMEET, which will be on full display at the iFX EXPO.

Toomit has consistently been at the vanguard of innovation for the past few years, though its recently launched product, the Price Driven Market solution, TOOMEET promises to be an industry game changer.


Toomit has developed the product from scratch, helping cater to both clients and brokers. TOOMEET integrates the latest technologies that allow all parties to keep up with newly developing trends to get a leg up on the competition.

TOOMEET is a cloud-based trading platform suitable for CFD brokers, which facilitates both existing and future brokers to quickly deploy a dynamic trading ecosystem. One of the biggest draws of the solution is that it operates as a distributed web application requiring no infrastructure as well as a very low cost of implementation that brokers will be very receptive to.

In addition, Toomit is also offering flexibility in deploying and maintaining the solution. TOOMEET presently is offering a full cross platform and cross device compatibility, with no installation being required for instant user access.

Worried about security? Toomit has this covered, having recognized the importance of security protocols for any business. As such, TOOMEET is truly impenetrable by third party code offering encrypted data at rest and Encrypted internal protocols, 360 safety.

As brokers require access to fast and secure data, TOOMEET is offering a fully integrated back office and CRM that provides full KYC & AML integration. Subsequently, automated compliance alerts, customizable compliance templates, unlimited document cloud storage, and multi format import/export capabilities are also supported.

FInally, TOOMEET is offering more than just a new product, but a shift towards low latency price feeds. This includes ultra-high-speed web sockets, unlimited number of feeds, instant price validators/spike filters, fast trade capabilities, and flexible market/client execution.

TOOMIT is a leading technology company that is focused on developing new software that can both improve the fairness and connectivity of the trading environment. Its solutions are meant to be applied across a variety of industries, CFDs or cryptos by focusing on changing the way the information is delivered to the end user.

Over the past two years, Toomit has been involved with multiple projects, with its unique solutions being integrated by leading crypto and CFD brokers. This includes partnerships with Tradeberry, Ormaexchange, and Beetom since 2016. Learn more about Toomit or meet up with them at the iFX EXPO this week!

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